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Whales and travel fails in Sri Lanka…


Of all the trips I’ve done on my travels, whale watching in Sri Lanka shares equal place on the joy list with being mugged in a Colombian ghetto and being made to climb my way out of Peru’s Colca Canyon at 4am with no coffee inside me (I gave up and hired a mule). For […]

Wishing wells, tsunamis and the stories in Sri Lanka…


Today I found a wishing well, and it wished me well, it wished me well… I don’t know if that’s a song, is it? At any rate that’s what came into my head when I saw this wishing well in Fort Galle today, in Sri Lanka. It’s just like something out of a storybook, right? […]

Poltergeists and possessed shoes: Imagine finding this in your inherited house…


The orb right here was what really interested me about this story today! Can you see it? A little ball of white light halfway between the wall and the ceiling. And don’t you go telling me it’s the flash because that’s not gonna stick. It’s a GHOST, OK? Seriously though, when I’m writing I’m always going into […]

Braving a full moon silent disco in Goa…


Last night in India, (Palolem Beach to be precise) I went to a silent disco, which I quickly realised was quite possibly the only way my friend Russ and I could ever share a dance floor because he hates my music and I hate his. When we wear headphones and dance to our own respective […]

Exclusive sneak preview of ‘Before He Was A Secret’, plus announcing the winner of the $100 Amazon voucher…


A while back, during my massive Before He Was Famous promo blitz I announced a competition to win a $100 Amazon Voucher in exchange for a review of the book. I want to say a huge, mega, stardust sprinkled THANK YOU to everyone who entered and everyone who wrote to say they loved the book. […]

Today I disgraced myself in an Indian holy place (by accident – Jeeeez)

photo 3

Quite pleased with myself for writing almost 4000 words of my new book I left the cafe here in Fort Cochin to reward myself with some light shopping, or general store browsing. On the way out I heard a big cheer and I assumed the guys watching football were happy about someone scoring a goal. I had […]

The bird-shit hair-do and a nod in the wrong direction: Fort Cochin continued…

photo 2

Today in India I met a German doctor who told me that everywhere he goes, people treat him like a celebrity, but they also take it upon themselves to show him their ailments. While riding in a tuk tuk the other day and the driver learning of his profession, the man stopped, jumped out, rolled up […]

Lessons on the school of life, inspired by the streets of India…


Today I walked past this school, which looked so colorful and bright and inspiring and I thought wow, how colorful my imaginings might have been back in my hometown if the Spalding Gleed Girls School had had orange walls and a big crazy statue and goats waiting outside instead of parents. How different would my […]