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Illinois Wingate Hotel Ghost – real or fake? Who cares? It’s brilliant!


I haven’t been as scared as I was this morning in a LONG time, because I woke up to find this at the top of my Facebook feed: Luckily I watched it and completely freaked myself out before I started reading all the comments underneath because bloody hell, what a bunch of killjoy fun-crushers there […]

Can a photo give you the meat sweats? Anticipating “Steak Week” in Kuala Lumpur…

prime rib 1kg

Some people look at photos of cats on the Internet. I look at photos like this: Where I live, this picture would ignite the flames of fury in some people. Some people would only see a cow. A helpless, furry cow chomping on grass, going about his day in sweet bovine bliss when CHOP, WALLOP. […]

Before He Was Gone is on Amazon now! Follow the blog tour and enter this competition to win $50 and a character named after you in book 3…

we're the island now

To celebrate the launch of book two in the StarStruck Series, Before He Was Gone, I’m running a competition with the sweet prize of a $50 Amazon Voucher and the chance to win a character named after you in book three. The lucky lady who won this prize the last time round was a lady called […]

Hunger Games theme park, you say? How do I write a book they’ll make a theme park for?

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 13.05.15

The first time I ever remember being in some kind of theme park version of a book or movie was when I lined up with my mom, dad and brother for the E.T ride at Universal Studios. I remember the way the line led us through some kind of forest that actually smelled like pine […]

What happened next: how my KDP Promo boosted sales of my book, and reviews…

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.27.26

For those who saw my recent post on how I used my Amazon KDP free promo days to get 24,000 + downloads without BookBub, I thought I’d add a follow up on how things have gone since. A few people expressed interest in knowing what happened to sales of my new adult romance Before He Was […]

Good riddance to trolls and haters. We love you Talyor Swift!


“The haters gonna hate, hate, hate. / Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake / Shake it off.” YES, thank you Taylor Swift, for addressing what a lot of us have to deal with every day. The haters. The trolls. I’ve been having this conversation more and more lately, mostly with other writers because of […]

How I used my KDP Free Promo Days to get over 24,000 downloads and to #1 in my Amazon categories, without BookBub…

Next morning #1 in coming of age

Right, lovely writers. Seeing as I’ve spent hours… perhaps even days getting bleary-eyed, reading about other author’s successes and failures as far as this stuff is concerned, I thought it was my turn to give back! Here’s a breakdown of how things went for me when the holy grail of free book blasters, BookBub didn’t let […]

How to write your real friends (and others) into your books without pissing people off…


Before my first book was published by HarperCollins I had a good few heart palpitations at the prospect of my ex reading it. This was largely because a lot of it was about him. Of course, I never divulged his name, or anything else that might help identify him, (God forbid!) but once the thrill of […]