Published authors Sarah Alderson and Becky Wicks talk self-publishing versus mainstream. Today’s topic: how to choose what’s best for YOUR book


Becky Wicks and Sarah Alderson are two authors in their thirties who started their careers writing young and new adult, and travel memoirs with Simon and Schuster, Pan Macmillan and HarperCollins. in this brand new age of self-publishing however, they’re both discovering that while signing with the mainstreams is exciting and has definitely boosted their […]

Why Saigon is special…


I should say Ho Chi Minh, but people use both here. We had a lovely day of eating, strolling and sweating in the city yesterday. I’ll let the photos describe it but suffice to say I’m glad to be back where life’s a little crazy, everything’s a LOT uncoordinated and the food is effing out […]

The joys of packing for a trip…


You would think – as a friend just pointed out to me – that after travelling so much and for so long I wouldn’t need to take much stuff with me for such adventures. But somehow this time I have gone from my planned little zippy wheeler… …to this! This is a monster! It’s almost […]

I’m so excited to be in Sarah Alderson/Mila Gray’s AMAZING new adult romance, ‘Come Back To Me’…


It’s not every day you get put in the acknowledgements of a book. I’m suuuuuper excited today to be in Mila Gray/Sarah Alderson’s ‘Come Back To Me’ which is out in June (aaaw, thanks Sarah!) I have to say, I read this book as it was being written as Sarah and I are writing buddies […]

Why I now hate TopShop…


It’s not them, it’s me. I can’t wear their clothes anymore. ANY of them. I think it’s my age. I did a bit of a sweep yesterday in preparation for my upcoming trip to Vietnam and the first warning sign that something was amiss was my absolute disdain for the gargantuan Oxford Street store itself. […]

‘Some say publishing is in trouble. They are completely wrong.’ Today’s Guardian article is very interesting…


I like this article from today’s Guardian, in which Tom Weldon, the UK head of Penguin Random House insists his industry has coped with the digital revolution better than any other. It’s timely, coming ahead of London Book Fair this week, but he does give some hope to us stragglers fighting to get our works out […]

Mamma Mia! It’s OK to sleep around…


Well, having seen this stage show twice now (just got back from the theatre with my lovely mummy) I remain ever stumped by the message in Mamma Mia: that apparently it’s OK to shag about! Now that’s something to smile about – like the lady in all the posters. One of the last lines in […]

From mainstream to self-publishing: why I’m making the jump (and why I’m excited!)


Since I decided to venture into the world of self-publishing I’ve found all manner of doors flying open in places I didn’t even realise there were doors! With the stigma of self-publishing washing away, there’s a huge community of writers out there scrambling to help each other where mainstream publishers have either failed, or not […]