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There’s nothing more sexist than The Sun pulling Page 3 Girls…


Yes… SEXIST. If only for what’s being said around the decision to drop this whole thing! “Instead of bare breasts, the pictures will now show scantily-clad women wearing bras and pants. In Monday’s issue, the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was shown wearing Marks & Spencer underwear.” Ugh! I’m sorry… but no. People, this is just as […]

I SURVIVED: The Freak British Tornado (and the suspect still running loose)

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 00.42.00

A mini-tornado hit north west London this afternoon – causing damage to homes and cars. I think I summoned it. I was thinking very dark thoughts, in Harrow. Seriously. I was writing in my bedroom, in my pyjamas if you must know, and yes, it was mid-afternoon but that’s the way I roll. Anyway, I […]

It’s cover reveal day for Before He Was A Secret. Exclusive excerpt here…

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Today’s the day, whoo hoooooo! I can finally reveal another amazing cover by designer Jeanine Henning, for the third standalone romance in my Starstruck Series, Before He Was A Secret. It’s set in Nashville, check out those glimmering lights! (I’m addicted to the TV show, which helped inspire me a little with these singer songwriting […]

The night Emma Watson stole my toothbrush…

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WARNING!!! I feel like I should say something. I’ve been quiet for way too long… almost an hour actually, but about an hour ago I accidentally started watching a movie called The Bling Ring, which appeared to be about some children – including Emma Watson – who broke into Paris Hilton’s house and wardrobe. At […]

Vaginal smoking and the benefits of yoni egg insertions (note: there are many)…


I have recently become quite fascinated with vaginal treatments. The fascination began when I saw this tempting advertisement on a board outside a spa in Ubud, Bali: LOTUS TREATMENT Lotus is a special treatment for women famous in Balinese tradition. For cleansing and health, herbs and spices using a ‘smoking’ method are directed into the […]

The truth about ‘Ecstatic Dancing’ at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali… (warning, this post may smell)

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 11.15.37

Everyone in Ubud knows the Yoga Barn. It’s a sort of second home for eager expats, all of whom are quite happy to spend an extraordinary amount of money for the right to bend and stretch with one of the most beautiful views in Bali. There are numerous classes every day and I’m sure I’ll […]

Go to Bali for less than a quid! Balilicious is 99p, starting today.


Becky Wicks lifted the burqa on Dubai In BURQALICIOUS. Now she turns her attention to Bali as she hilariously navigates life as an adopted Balinese local. A lot can happen when you set out to ‘find yourself’. Sometimes, you can even lose the plot. From visiting ancient healers with cellphone addictions to leaving a shaking […]

How do you handle negative reviews for your book on Amazon and Goodreads? And are readers actively LOOKING for bad books?

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What didn’t make me smile throughout my recent and ultimately successful free book campaign on Amazon KDP (and I’ll tell you this, seeing as we’re being honest here) was that with all the extra interest in the book, (over 24,000 downloads in 4 days) the one, 1-star review I had lurking somewhere on my book’s […]