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Becky Wicks & Sarah Alderson discuss 10 Essential Marketing Tips for New Authors…

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Author Sarah Alderson and I are guest speakers at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival this week, where we’re discussing all things “marketing” and more on a series of panels. We’re also taking a look at traditional versus self-publishing… Being a successful author these days means knowing how to market and promote yourself and your book, […]

Today I disgraced myself in an Indian holy place (by accident – Jeeeez)

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Quite pleased with myself for writing almost 4000 words of my new book I left the cafe here in Fort Cochin to reward myself with some light shopping, or general store browsing. On the way out I heard a big cheer and I assumed the guys watching football were happy about someone scoring a goal. I had […]

The bird-shit hair-do and a nod in the wrong direction: Fort Cochin continued…

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Today in India I met a German doctor who told me that everywhere he goes, people treat him like a celebrity, but they also take it upon themselves to show him their ailments. While riding in a tuk tuk the other day and the driver learning of his profession, the man stopped, jumped out, rolled up […]

Lessons on the school of life, inspired by the streets of India…


Today I walked past this school, which looked so colorful and bright and inspiring and I thought wow, how colorful my imaginings might have been back in my hometown if the Spalding Gleed Girls School had had orange walls and a big crazy statue and goats waiting outside instead of parents. How different would my […]

Miracle cures, cruel mockery and conversations with goats – today in Fort Cochin…


I woke up this morning to the ominous gurgling of my insides and only just made it to the toilet in time to puke up what appeared to be EVERYTHING I’ve eaten since last Wednesday. Crawling back to bed I lay under the ceiling fan in misery and had just nodded off again when the […]

Jesus, egg curry and a pair of pliers: the continued search for caffeine (and an Indian SIM card) in crazy Kerala…


As I entered the breakfast room this morning, disheartened by the rooftop filth yet determined to get my mouth around a cup of coffee by 8am, I discovered four Germans at one small table. They were dining very slowly in silence in the billowing swish of several zebra patterned curtains, which were blowing at them […]

Flying carpets and the search for coffee in Fort Kochin…

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Today in India, I ventured out to find some coffee as per usual and wound up finding none but making friends with a man called Shecky. We bonded over the fact that our names sounded the same and after marvelling at some giant Chinese fishing nets together he took me out on his tuk tuk […]

Things I’ll miss about Bali, part 2: (warning, laser beams are included)


Of course I’ll miss my trusty steed here – my Scoopy, which may have had a clapped out wing mirror and rust in the most unspeakable of places, but still sped me from A to B in stylish safety throughout my time in Ubud (for about $35 a month including gas). I’ll also miss my […]

When your books make it to YouTube… with the amazing #indiebooksbeseen

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m LOVING this amazing indie author community. I love how supportive everyone is of each other, honestly, there’s just something so nice and warm and cosy about being a part of what feels like some kind of revolution. Mark Shaw is the man behind a movement we’re […]