Nice to know I can blame all those bad dates on someone else. Thanks, OKCupid, for messing with us…


I’d like to say I’m shocked by OkCupid’s, or rather the co-founder and data scientist Christian Rudder’s post about experimenting on people, but really I’m not. Because I have been on more than a few OKCupid dates and let me tell you, if someone had told me afterwards that people were messing with me and […]

Beards of a feather flock together. Why I love a man with a beard…


I saw a magazine the other day with a picture of Alan Jackson on the cover. His moustached mouth was curved seductively into a grin as he posed, leaning up against a haystack, (probably). It was out of the shot so I couldn’t tell it was a haystack, but I imagine it would be. I bet […]

Would you live in a house like this? (Futuristic homes that get me thinking)…


Well you might have to, in the future. “Commissions for Utopia,” is a series of scenes set in a futuristic North Korea as imagined by a young architect.  Interestingly in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the role of an “architect” is classed as a government job. It’s not considered so much creative as it is […]

Read an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Before He Was Gone (Starstruck #2) and get your ARCs now…

play plot lie

I had so much fun writing this book and I was inspired while sitting on a beach in Vietnam, talking to my friend Dacey about what it must be like to be stranded there, with no pho… no phone… no nothing. Gasp. Imagine. If you’re a fan of the TV show Survivor – and others like […]

What’s wrong/right about wearing a watch that projects notifications directly onto your hand?


I’m excited to read this today… a watch that projects the time, incoming calls, emails and all those random notifications from Twitter and Facebook directly onto your hand. In 2015 you’ll be able to get either a bracelet or a sports band that will shoot all those messages you can’t be arsed to reach for your phone […]

The spider who had the last laugh…


I can only imagine how the spider feels, who caused one man in Seattle to burn down most of his house today. SERIOUSLY. A scared man who saw the spider in a pile of laundry tried to kill the bugger with an aerosol spray can… and a lighter. Error. When Seattle Fire Investigators arrived at […]

So so so sad, Malaysia Airlines MH17 shot from the sky. Will this change anything?


What a horrid thing to wake up to – the news that 295 people have been shot down from the sky – 280 passengers and 15 crew on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Sitting here reading the stories coming in, from the first posts about how no one was admitting responsibility, to the latest, saying how […]

A few thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s biggest asset ever (her new app)


Yes, that’s app, not ass. I personally like Kim Kardashian’s ass more than I think I’d enjoy her app, though. I had the good fortune to photograph her once in Sydney. We set her up on a fake date with one of the radio presenters I worked for at Nova 969. I got quite a […]