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10 Essential Marketing Tips for New Authors (guest post)


Sarah Alderson and I were guest bloggers over at BookMarketingTools.com today. Here’s our post. Being a successful author these days means knowing how to market and promote yourself and your book, and it doesn’t matter whether you are traditionally published or going the indie/self-publishing route. With their latest new adult novels, Sarah Alderson published with […]

Getting a wisdom tooth removed in Bali (at the Sayan Aesthetic Institute) and surviving to tell the tale…


I don’t know about you but when I think of getting any kind of medical procedure done anywhere outside of my home country I immediately enter panic mode and imagine the worst case scenario, which in the case of dentistry would be some dodgy backstreet guy tying a rope around my tooth, strapping the other […]

Best 3D coffee art in the world, in Kuala Lumpur…


Holy crap, there are two cats in my coffee! Not something you exclaim every day. You’re lucky if you get ONE. But if you’re travelling through Kuala Lumpur like I was last week, you must, I repeat MUST stop by Coffee Amo (54, Jalan Sultan) and get yourself one of these babies. Meeew-tiful right? (sorry) It’s sculpted […]

My experience with a Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Week placement. Does it really boost book sales?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 13.09.16

In a continuation of my shared self-publishing adventure, I thought I’d share the results of my Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Week placement. I paid up the budget-busting amount of $399.99 for the week-long placement of my book, Before He Was Gone - the second in my Starstruck Series. In a daily-changing industry I have been trying different things […]

How to utilize all those indie author tools to stand out and grow your audience…


As indie authors swimming in this endless ocean of ebooks, we all know by now that we need to get smart if we want to actually sell any of our own. Here are some nifty must-haves from authors Becky Wicks and Jeanine Henning. (Article originally published on Jeanine’s blog!) What Becky’s found…. TweetAdder Most traffic […]

2002 Flashback: What we did in very boring jobs before Facebook…


I found this on an old hard drive today. Luckily I saved it because I consider it a fine relic from a time B.F (before Facebook). Behold, the random e-mailings between my mate Colin and myself, with a dash of genius from a certain Miss Nicola and Mr Subrata. We wrote these back and forth when […]

How beneficial is Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library, really?


I’m having a little bit of a panic attack over here today, mostly because I’m one of those writers who can wax lyrical about unicorns for nine hours but wants to vomit at the sight of a spreadsheet, or anything to do with numbers/figures/math/reality. I was just checking my KDP figures to see how many […]

Illinois Wingate Hotel Ghost – real or fake? Who cares? It’s brilliant!


I haven’t been as scared as I was this morning in a LONG time, because I woke up to find this at the top of my Facebook feed: Luckily I watched it and completely freaked myself out before I started reading all the comments underneath because bloody hell, what a bunch of killjoy fun-crushers there […]