Pets in high places…

I was very excited about moving into a house with THIS gorgeous creature as a pet. Her name is Phoebe and she’s a Birman cat who purrs so beautifully and always provides an extra layer of fluff on my duvet in her wake – which helps to keep me warm at night in the absence of a man. Awwwww.

BUT, since I became facebook friends with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum from Dubai yesterday, I’ve realised his own pets shit all over mine. He has two white tigers. Two. In his house. How cool is that?

He’s got like… a hundred comments under one of these pics, so he must be a very popular man! And he’s kind of cute too, don’t you think? He’s got thousands of mates. Although… I have to say, although it’s cool, not one of them mentions the fact that it might be slightly wrong to keep two wild and exceptionally rare cats in his Dubai desert mansion. In fact, one friend goes so far as posting: “hahahahahaha very charming……great father nature….you are the best…you love an animals …love nature…and you are also… so kind to people…I pray for you to have long live and abundance of friends in this world and also abundance of flowers growing up around your life….in shaa Allah …amien”

I think this can be interpreted as meaning Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is a kind and caring man for letting these huge natural predators (who usually require great open spaces and freedom) live a life of slobbery on his sofa.

Hmmm. You’re nice and everything, Hamdan, but I would never do that to Phoebe, if she was a tiger.

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