A Bogota Bonadonnathon: remembering a legend…

Yes, that’s a real llama. Well, not the one I’m sitting on. Today was pretty full of moments like this.

My friend Zac here lost a friend of his in 2011, called Angelo Bonadonna, when they were both living and working in Thailand. Having heard all about him and watched a video made by his friends in his memory I feel a bit like I might have known Angelo – he was one of those guys who lights up a room and has an infectious energy that makes you want to live every moment to the max! He had the hugest tattoo reading ‘Revolution’ across his chest… and he never knew that’s what he would start.

Every year since his death, Angelo’s friends from all over the world have taken part in what they call the Bonadonnathon in order to spread some of the light and love he used to spread himself when he was alive. Today, Zac and I had the most fun meeting a series of challenges for the Bonadonnathon 2013. We took a ton of stupid photos and made videos, too as we walked around Bogota. The one above meets the challenge to take a photo “atop an animal, ie, the full mounty”. Obviously.

Here’s Zac, “stroking the beard or mustache of a stranger.”

And here he is again, being “adorable”…

HAHA! The people in Crepes & Waffles actually didn’t bat an eyelid when we abused our ice-cream sundaes. Bogota is kind of awesome.

The video instruction was to “read a scene from a Shakespearean play. One member of your team must introduce the scene in a British accent (except if you have a British team member whereby the British team member should use an American accent)” So here it is!

Taking part in the Bonadonnathon was a wicked way to get to know Bogota, and I think it’s so amazing what Zac and his friends are doing to remember their friend. Angelo’s family use any money raised during the Bonadonnathon to send a kid to school every year, so I’m feeling really happy I was able to get involved and will also be donating!

We took heaps more pics and vids… they’ll be up on a special page really soon.