A Day in the Life…

My friend Autumn Mooney is a great photographer and she recently took some pics of me for a photography project, which she’s kindly sent to my inbox in case I want to use them for anything. Obviously I’ve deleted the ones where I look really minging (there were a good few, trust me) but the rest I really like! Isn’t she talented!

The project was called ‘A Day in the Life’ and all shots had to be taken indoors without flash. So she’s captured my life as a writer… although of course I don’t usually take my computer to restaurants, that one was a set up. As was the laptop smash. You can see them here if you like.

I forgot how much I love photography. I used to take pics all the time, but not as good as this, obviously. I am getting itchy feet again… I need to take my own camera somewhere interesting. Hmmmm….

I’ve not left Australia since last May. That’s the longest I have ever been without leaving a country IN MY LIFE. I’ve been thinking a lot about Vanuatu lately. I want to take my computer somewhere nicer than my living room table and local coffee shop… maybe that’ll inspire me a bit more. It needs to be cheap though.

Sometimes I think even the middle of Tokyo is cheaper than Sydney. If anything’s gonna make me smash my laptop for real, it’s the rising cost of my somewhat stagnant lifestyle. I feel like I spend money in my sleep in this city! Where’s cheap for a writer to work, do you think? All suggestions welcome.