A few reviews so far… and look! I have a print copy of Before He Was Famous now!


Well, I kind of have a print copy. A friend saw my pizza party post and manipulated the image so that it looked like I did, haha! OOOOOooh but how good does it look as a print copy. How do I make this happen for real?

The book has been out a few days now. It’s always nerve-wracking waiting for reviews to come in. Obviously when you put your work out there into the public realm after working so hard on it, you hope it will be well received. Constructive criticism is helpful and appreciated, of course. Obviously you can’t please everyone all the time and as writers we are always learning. LUCKILY though, people seem to be liking it in general, so fingers crossed it carries on.

Here are some snippets from some of the reviews so far, mainly from the bloggers on my book tour and readers on Goodreads!

five stars

stitched together

must readlovedwhat wicks does nextgladyskarenerincutesty

So until I get that print copy for real, get in on the discussion. Before He Was Famous is out now on Kindle!

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