A message from Bryce Courtenay…

Thousands of people whose lives have been touched by the author and creative genius who is Bryce Courtenay are feeling very sad today, Autumn and I included, as we’ve both been lucky enough to have met him personally and have both been inspired by him.

He writes the following on his Facebook page:

“It is with great sadness that I am writing to let you know that ‘Jack of Diamonds’ my new book due out in November this year shall be my last. It is the usual big, bulky Bryce Courtenay saga, and I do hope you enjoy reading it. I have been diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer and am expected to have only some months to share with my adorable wife Christine. We have had the good fortune to have been together for seven wonderfully happy years, and so the remaining months are precious to us, and our family and friends. You will be pleased to know that I am currently feeling well, and am keeping busy gardening, and writing a collection of short stories, as well as being with our beloved pets. May I thank you all for your tremendous loyalty over the past 21 books. I feel immense gratitude and am humbled by your support over so many years. Our greatest wish is that your lives also continue to blossom. Goodbye and God Bless from us both.

Bryce & Christine Courtenay
September 7th, 2012″

Bryce inspired Autumn to keep working on her passion, which is photography (last year she took the photos for his wedding), and me to keep writing honestly, from the heart. He is truly a  great guy who always made time for people and gave young dreamers a chance, as well as encouragement.

We’re both wishing Bryce and his family all the best from here in Argentina and today we will toast to the life he’s led and the time he has left to make even more of an impact on the world. xxx