A new short love story: Haunted Caterpillars

I’ve been in the coffee country, Colombia’s Salento for a while and something about this place just makes me want to write, write, WRITE! As well as publishing Lara Craft with Sarah Alderson under our pen name, Lola Salt (very exciting stuff!), I’ve written this short story based around a lovestruck teen couple in Alaska! Here’s the blurb:

Chloe and Oscar grew up together in the wilds of Alaska and their love is a powerful force that renders others not only green-eyed with envy, but invisible. When strange sounds in Chloe’s house start freaking them out, a visit to a local psychic is set to change their lives and love forever.

Read it here for free now. I’m loving Wattpad by the way. God, if Wattpad had been around when I was nine and filling notebook after notebook with stories about talking dogs, the world would have been in trouble! 😉

Enjoy! x