A poem for my iPhone…

A part of me was missing

My soul was incomplete

Until I held it in my hands

On Saturday last week

For now I’ve left the Blackberry

My life means so much more

I never can go back (berry)

I love my iPhone 4

Its shiny screen and touchy things

The coolest apps, all free

I can’t imagine waking up

Without it next to me

It sounds just like a rooster

When it wakes me from my slumber

And the very bestest thing?

I didn’t have to change my number

My iPhone 4’s just like me

It’s smooth and full of charm

It knows when to be quiet

And when to raise alarm

Its flippy case, its bright white plug

Its Apple-flavoured glory

Oh iPhone 4, let’s tell the world

Our beautiful love story

One thought on “A poem for my iPhone…

  1. Just finished Burqalicious – bought it on Monday. (Clearly work has been quiet)
    Altough the title required me to keep hiding it under my desk everytime a customer walked in (all being Burqa Diva’s around here) It was a very interesting read, and rather comforting to feel, this side of the world or that, us girls are all the same. Kinda makes you feel normal again…thank a million

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