A problematic work request…

Every now and then I get a request for help via my website. It’s usually writing related – occasionally I get a more adult-themed request for help of course – but usually it’s from someone needing copywriting services, or maybe even my help with writing a book.

Today, I received this one:

Message: i want to turn my journey of social services taking my son from a loving innocent family and taking him into care and destroying us then snatching my daughter at 4days old and then forcly adopting them please help me turn my true life story into a book please

I’m not sure what to make of this request because I firmly believe that people in social service roles are a godsend and the less tracksuit-wearing, knife-wielding, video-game-playing, mobile-phone-music-blasting n’er do wells we have on the streets, the better.

But this particular lady has willingly admitted to ‘taking my son from a loving innocent family’, ‘destroying us’ and ‘snatching my daughter at 4days old’, which I happen to think are probably crimes. Taking her ‘son’ from someone else is bad enough (a social services employee should know better than to thieve young innocents) but quite why she needed to snatch her own daughter is beyond me. Perhaps she gave birth and then when she was really messed up on heroin, gave her away… and then when she was sober and had enough money left from the dole after buying her tins of Stella, took her back again?

She has also been ‘forcly adopting’ which is… well, I don’t know what it is but it sure sounds bad. In fact, isn’t that like someone taking your baby and registering it as her own and then going on a talk show to deny a DNA test?

I’m not entirely sure how I’d help this lady write a book, because with email communication and messages like this to guide me it would take me a very long time. Time I don’t have. She could also have ‘forcely adopted’ even more innocent children by the time I’d finished it, seeing as I’d be doing all the work and she’d just be sitting around getting ideas from Jeremy Kyle.

I’m not sure the world particularly needed Burqalicious, but you know what, it probably doesn’t need this book either.

One thought on “A problematic work request…

  1. While this seems like a story which you may not want to be part of, not give a voice, I am intrigued. I do believe that even though the way the request is worded this lady is admitting guilt, I do think some stories need to be told. Most of my favourite books are non-fiction, and most of them include illegal activities, which is unfortunately why they are so compelling.

    This is obviously your decision and yours alone, but my curiosity would get the better of me and I would at least want to talk to her to get more details on the premise of her story.

    Good luck!!

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