Adventures in Iceland (in brief because I’m VERY remote right now and WIFI is scarce)…

It started when we flew Fokker. Yes, Fokker. Oh come on, tell me I’m not the only child who finds this funny?

It wasn’t long before we were in Dalvik at the annual fish day festival, watching these guys doing their thing in the streets. Check out those costumes! The mountains are always there, embracing the town in a giant snowy hug, and even though it’s the wrong time of year for the Northern Lights in Iceland, we were lucky to see the sun.


Driving away from Dalvik towards the north east we found the grassy roofed houses I’d seen on the telly! And a tractor.


Then we foraged for wild mushrooms, which we Googled and discovered were all edible. Rejoice!


There’s a lot to rejoice about here so far, actually. Iceland is stunning… kind of like England only colder and more beautiful.11800241_10155989714345160_96532018785230032_n 11811394_10155997085105160_5842342233095098694_n

And the men are cute, and wear funny jumpers.


I think I’m going to like it here. Stay tuned for more! 11828746_10155991256600160_7112990668935364234_n