Amsterdam, I love you! See you again soon.

I’ve decided to move to Amsterdam. Maybe not forever but definitely for a little bit, because, well…. this.


And this:


And this: 


OK maybe not the last one… but I fell in love with the city again recently. It was just the way the people were so frickin friendly, and the food was amazing, and the streets and canals were so charming in the sunshine. I could see myself living quite a productive freelance lifestyle over there, cycling from cafe to cafe, reading books between my scribble sessions.

And London is waaaaaaay too expensive for me right now. Is anyone else stunned by what it costs to get around London?! I mean… no. Just no.

Bicycles and trams, here I come. Wish me luck. And come visit. There’s a big pair of clogs with your name on them.