An ode to Crepes & Waffles…

Oh Crepes & Waffles! I will miss you so. You’ve been a staple in my Colombian adventures but alas, alack, today I must fly to Brazil and leave you behind. So I’ve written this small poem to say thank you for your yumminess, because I will never forget you. And neither will my thighs. It’s a bit of a shit poem… yes. But I like to think it’s the thought that counts.

You’re sticky and sweet

You’re a great place to meet

A haven of sugar and glee

You’re the place of my dreams

And I don’t want to leave

Crepes & Waffles, you’re special to me

The Stroganoff crepe

It’s just so fucking great

And the lemonade coco’s the best

Don’t get a big head

But your sweet, homemade bread

Makes my mouth feel just like it’s been blessed

Crepes & Waffles you’re awesome

I love you so much

The way you smell, cost, taste and touch

Colombia’s been great but you’ve played a huge part

I’ll keep your waffly crepeness forever in my heart.

Mwah x

Told you it was a shit poem. But man…. I miss you already Crepes & Waffles. Thanks for the memories. xxx

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