Argentina’s answer to Ubud and Roswell: getting all spiritual in Capilla del Monte…

I guess a lot of people overlook Capilla del Monte on their travels through Argentina, but not me. Hell no. This small town, just three hours by bus from Cordoba is overlooked by the Sierras Chicas mountain range and happens to be Argentina’s answer to Roswell. On the drive here, I was so excited my own brain actually tricked me into thinking I saw a UFO on someone’s roof! (Turns out, country folk have satellite dishes, too).

Reportedly people have been seeing ovnis (UFOs) here for years, especially around  Cerro Uritorco, which is a small mountain you can climb in just 7 hours (I know… 7 hours is a small climb apparently). Some people believe the mountain has mystical energetic qualities and it’s spawned quite a hippy little town around it. Mulder would have a field day. In fact, it looks as though he already has…

Being an ex X Files freak I was especially excited to do some sniffing around. I had to come alone because Autumn is no longer travelling with me and is now in Buenos Aires. Suspiciously she told me she would no longer be accompanying me when I started talking about UFOs. Hmm.

Anyway, I’m here to investigate this paranormal phenomena, although I met my first setback when the hostel owner told me that the night time UFO hunt – as advertised above – won’t be running while I’m here. Gutted. So as not to cry in front of him I took a walk around and counted all the yoga posters. There are more here than in Ubud, Bali.

Capilla del Monte  also smells a bit like Ubud, which is comforting. You can’t beat a bit of jasmine incense when you’re feeling let down by a UFO hunting tour group. I love the posters on all the doors. If only I could speak Spanish a bit better I would be getting involved in shiz like this:

He looks like a man who knows how to communicate with aliens.

Because I am a shameful mono-linguist I have written some questions and translated them into Spanish (thanks Google, will you sponsor my book please?) so that armed with my dictaphone (read: iPhone) I may still ask the lovely people in Capilla del Monte all about their experiences with extraterrestrials. I just hope I find a bilingual Mulder to help me with the back translations.

So here I go, off on my quest. Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me, I’m on a spaceship getting an anal probe. Which is fine, don’t worry about me, I’ll survive. I have to… I have to write Latinalicious and tell you all about the far off galaxies.

Chau chicas. And remember, the truth is out there. x

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