“Author” photo decision (could be interesting)…

So, after poring over hundreds of snaps taken in various stages of intoxication or stupidity over the years, it has been decided by the awesome powers that be, that THIS shall be the photo in the front of my book.

Naturally, it was taken in stages of both intoxication and stupidity, which just about sums up my time in Dubai. Of course, had I known this photo would eventually be printed for the masses and laid bare for all to judge and ponder on bookshelves across the nation, I may have had my nails painted professionally, taken the ‘entry one’ wristband off, or perhaps slapped on a bit of lipstick, but at the time I was pissed on Bacardi, wondering how to get those bananas out of a five star hotel and into my apartment.

We could have chosen a nice pic of me in front of the ocean, windswept hair, looking wistful, or perhaps sitting in a chair holding a kitten and wearing a shawl, like so many “authors” do. But no, we all agree that on this occasion, sitting lopsidedly on a seat holding a giant bunch of fruit at a twelve hour brunch that went very, very wrong is absolutely the best one for the job.

What do you think?!?

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