Back, from outer space…

Oh blog, I have been neglectful, through no fault of my own. My trackpad went bust and I had to surrender my beloved MacBook Pro to the Apple hospital. Thank God it’s all better now. I’m trying not to be annoyed that just as I walked in to the store to collect it, everyone was crowding round a new, shinier and updated version. Even Alex was there, looking lovestruck.

Why is it that as soon as I get caught up on all things “cool”, something else is introduced that automatically usurps me? I’m just waiting for the next iPad to come with a fridge for mini cupcakes in the back, and an automatic screen cleaner in the form of a cute little, cyber puppy dogs, who licks all the smudges off with his tongue.

Anyway, I have MUCH to discuss, not least my advances in the realm of employment, BUT for now I am strangely busy existing in the real world, so blog, you will have to make do with watching the awesome vid by the winner of TropFest 2011: Animal Beatbox. It was my favourite by far when I saw it for the first time on Sunday night on a giant screen in the Domain, and I can still appreciate its genius. So glad it won! There was one about a flying child that had me worried for a second. That was, quite frankly, a load of pooh. Unlike this:

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