Bali Confidential…

So, I’ve set up another blog. I know, I know… how many blogs does one person NEED, right? Well, I like blogging, and this new one is specifically to host my adventures in Bali! This morning a mango fell off a tree which as you can imagine, was a momentous occasion. I just had to share it. Which was why I was so so so so glad that I set up the new Bali Confidential blog last night. I’ve done this new one on tumblr (sorry WordPress) because it’s easier to upload things on the move.

So please keep in touch! I’ll be uploading things here too, but for Bali stuff, this is the new spot!

I’ll blog pictures instead of words on my new Bali Confidential blog. You can still see what I’m up to if you’re interested, only through the power of crappy iPhone photos. Hurrah!

Hope you’ll keep checking back! I’m also setting up one of those ‘Author’ Facebook page thingys too, because it’s getting a bit silly having three pages, for Burqalicious, Bali Confidential and my own friends and family. So ‘like’ Becky Wicks the author if you please! (Oooh, that sounds really weird to say)

See you soon!


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