Balilicious – The Bali Diaries almost in print…

I said almost. It’s in the HarperCollins Australia catalogue anyway, which is hopefully landing on desks and getting people excited to read it! Here’s a little snap of it sent to me from a friend:

The book will be out in December, which seems like a reeeeeeally long time to wait, especially since I finished writing it in February and I’m already in South America working on the next one. But publishing is a funny thing and it’s a game of patience, because while us writers sit back and think ‘well I’ve done it now, what’s taking so long, just put it on the shelves already!’ what is actually happening is…. well… a LOT behind the scenes.

First the publishers have to decide on a release date, which is usually a time when a lot of people are looking to buy books. Then editing and proofing and cover design gets going. Marketing has to make a plan to make sure people hear about it, the writer has to read, re-read, make amendments, provide photos… sales have to make sure the right places sell it, publicity has to work with marketing to ensure  that even MORE people hear about it… blah blah blah. There’s probably even more involved that I don’t know about. But the end result will be a shiny, spangly, lovely looking book that’s more the result of teamwork than just a heap of words written by a girl in Bali. And this is exciting! It’s worth waiting for.

Oh, we’ve come up with a sub title too. So the finished title is Balilicious – The Bali Diaries. A true story of magic, mystery and not quite mastering yoga.

Because I didn’t.

Can’t wait!!! Hope you’re all looking forward to reading it xx