Baring it all on the Death Road, Bolivia…

When you’re travelling you meet new people all the time, some of whom you judge too quickly. When… let’s just call them Gary and John… got on the bus today, reeking of booze and chortling over how Gary had run from the hostel after puking all night on his mattress, I have to admit, I judged them very quickly. I felt bad. But then they started doing things like this.

They’re backpackers though, having a good time with their friends. So what if they say stuff like “Don’t you think it’s bling that we’ve got so many photos of our cocks out in like… nature? Let’s have another one!!!”

I mean, so what, right?

Anyway, Gary and John and everyone else today made the Death Road tour with Barro one hell of an adventure. It was in equal parts the most terrifying and the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done, and probably the most stupid if I’m honest. There are numerous headstones and memorials along this road, emphasising the fact that it’s by no means a safe journey, no matter how qualified or experienced your tour guide is. One slip and any one of us could have been off this cliff:

The guides kept us safe at all times though (don’t worry mum!) and they all spoke excellent English by the way – I highly recommend Barro, they have to be the best company for doing the Death Road in Bolivia, really. Look at the fun things they made us do:There was never any point when someone wasn’t close, even though I lagged behind a bit out of sheer fear for my life. We rode 64 kilometres today – 95% of which was downhill. That road is bumpy… I’m talking the kind of bumpy that rattles your brain. My ass must be black and blue by now too, and I had so much dust in my face the whole time, in spite of my Power Rangers style helmet. We took so many photos… but then I saw what I think might be a ghost in one shot:What do you think? Is it me or does that look like a hooded figure standing behind me? (Gulp).

Octavio, our guide (yes that’s his real name!) told us loads of stories about people who’ve died on this road, which I’ll save for Latinalicious, along with the bit from today about the Aussie guy who fell off his bike in front of us and almost met his end… SCARY! But seriously, could this be a ghost, or am I judging something else too quickly?

It is the Day of the Dead, after all…