Best bus in Vietnam (or ever, anywhere!)

IMG_6499This is a bus with no seats; just beds on it. It is literally a moving sleepover on wheels! One by one as people got on just now the gasps of utter delight from backpackers all over town were akin to those of a group of playschool children being taken on a theme park ride. “Reeeeally? We get to ride on this??? Cooooooool!!!” (Or maybe that was just me – I do get excited easily).


We paid the equivalent of just six dollars each to travel the three hours or so from Hue to Hoi An in Vietnam, horizontally. Everybody can lie down. Together. If this was 1963 it would probably be a different story.

I thought it was a bit weird when the driver took my ticket and exchanged it for a plastic bag just now, and then instructed me to put my shoes in it. Shoes are clearly bad on a bus full of beds. My seat in the middle has a pull-down TV screen above the drinks tray, which also doubles as a handy desk for my laptop so I can write this. Genius. Oh… the pic is a bit rubbish and blurred because the bus was moving, sorry.


I’ve never seen a bus like this before, but these would have made those godforsaken cross-country trips across South America earlier this year a lot better. People can actually lie down and spread out in rows of three or four, and there’s even a top deck…


Pretty much everyone is on their phones, but what’s new? All they need now on here is WIFI and perhaps a drinks trolley… and maybe a beautician to come round and paint everyone’s toenails?

THIS is the stuff that makes travelling FUN.

**NOTE: After getting off this bus we realised we had been deposited in Danang, instead of Hoi An. We had to get a taxi from Danang to our hotel in Hoi An which took almost 25 minutes and cost us 420,000 dong. This was way more than the cost of our bus tickets. Our bus tickets from Hue to Hoi An were just over 100,000 dong each. Error. Always ask the Vietnamese bus drivers where you are when they shove you off a bus. We weren’t the only ones who got off too soon – practically the whole bus was evicted in the wrong place! Cool sleepover. Rude wake up call.