Best hostel in Cordoba (in spite of its dirty little secret)

I’ve been spending a lot of time, on and off at the Mate Hostel (pronounced mah-tay) in Cordoba this past week, but I only just learned from Diego here that it used to be a whorehouse. How lovely. Of course, they’ve changed the sheets since then, and the beds, too, but I can’t quite look at it in the same light now. Hmm.

Anyway, the Mate Hostel (which I booked through has probably been one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in so far in South America and to anyone who’s planning on travelling through Cordoba, I would definitely recommend it as a base. There are tons of day trips you can do from here, Capilla del Monte, Villa General Belgrano, or a longer stay at Estancia Los Potreros if you’re feeling like horse riding in Argentina, but it’s always nice to have a home to come back to! And this place is just like a lovely house…

The guys Javier Castellano and Diego Cano run it so well considering they’ve only been doing it for four months. Before that it was another hostel for about eight years and before that, a whorehouse. I bet the whorehouse didn’t have ‘mystery jam’.

Or maybe it did… but we don’t want to think about what was in that.

Diego told me that people still knock on the door sometimes, asking for prostitutes. Apparently they had a party a few weeks ago in the living room (as you do) when some guys outside, who probably used to be regular clients, started whooping and hollering at the girls. They’d been watching them dancing from the street. Some habits die hard.

Don’t worry though, the Mate Hostel is very safe and the guys, while being tons of fun, would never pimp their guests out for a bit more money… I don’t think. Nah, they wouldn’t. In fact, this morning I was quite hungover and Javier brought me some freshly squeezed orange juice in a glass with ice, plus a Panadol, straight to my bunk bed. Now that is service. Here he is, checking HostelBookers for more guests…

Awwww, I’ll miss this place, and Cordoba. It’s been a blast and you can read about it all in Latinalicious – The South America Diaries, OF COURSE. 🙂

Next stop: Salta!