Best sunset in Bali (and a pet bat)

People always ask me where to watch the sunset in Bali and now, rather than say “the sky, stupid,” I will say Tanah Lot. Definitely.

It costs about 150,000 IDR per person on a bus from Ubud to get to Tanah Lot – a temple by the sea about 20 kms from Denpasar, which has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries.

We hired a driver who took us there and left us time to catch the traditional Kecak dance after sunset. This was OK… they didn’t throw as many fireballs as I’ve seen them do at other Kecak dances in Bali but for good costumes and a not so run-of-the-mill love story featuring demons, trees and a man behind a wall putting on a voice like Donald Duck it’s worth sticking around for if you’re going.

For other good shots at Tanah Lot, go down to the black sand beach and do something for a friend that will make them love you even more, or just hate you for being in Bali when they’re not, like this:

And don’t miss grabbing a fresh coconut or a Bintang from one of the restaurants overlooking Tanah Lot.
On the way up you’ll pass loads of stalls selling the usual stuff, and intriguingly, one selling luwak coffee (made from beans which have been shat-out by a ferret) and inviting you to look at a fruit bat.


This fruit bat has a penchant for tattoos so we left him licking a man and went on our way… Off into another Balinese sunset.