Christmas in Prague…

I just got back from Prague - another new city for me. I love nothing more than heading off to a new place and just wandering around aimlessly. Prague is pretty easy to navigate, really. Well, Google Maps helps, and so does having a couple of the attractions booked in advance so you don't waste time when you're there, but mainly it's a place you can walk about with no agenda and still uncover what you'll think are hidden delights....Read More

Tinder Diaries: Getting my Groupon…

Shamus's profile shots scrolled like some kind of Action Man calendar. In one photo the 39-year-old Irish-Canadian was hugging a goat on what looked like a dusty Nepalese street, with his bicep bulging over it like a rock. In another he was posing with a group of kids somewhere in Africa, deeply tanned and most definitely sexily-engrossed in another culture. In a third, he was kneeling, arms crossed in some kind of military-type uniform, so this well-travelled man of the...Read More

Tinder Diaries: Tempur-Pedic promises…

And another Tinder Diary for you, this one's also from last year in Vancouver.  Tempur-Pedic promises... 'I got you a drink!!!' the text message yelled at me. I was on the bus, about half an hour away from the ocean-view bar in Kitsilano, where Phil (an energetic salesman I met a few days ago on Tinder) was already waiting. A few seconds later I got a photo from him. There was the drink - a giant margarita the size of...Read More

Tinder Diaries: The Burner In The Park

In trawling through folders on my laptop for some old work I've just come across some diaries I wrote about Tinder dating last year in the US and Canada. This one is pretty funny to look back on, especially since I've now been to Burning Man! Thought I'd share, cos what the hell. I have heaps more where this came from. May 28, 2015 The Burner in the park... I had a little meet-up in the park last night with...Read More

“I go to the gym a lot.” And other things I never thought I’d say…

Once in Sydney I joined a yoga studio for $350 a year and went once. In New York I spent close to $600 and went to maybe... four classes. In Dubai I looked at the gym a lot, on my way back home from spending £50 a time on an all-you-can-eat-brunch, and in London I engaged in a three-month battle to cancel my Fitness First membership, having been to one class, resulting in sweat of the wrong kind and a lot of...Read More

Things you should probably know before going to Burning Man

So, Burning Man. Hmm. How was it, you ask? Honestly. I can't even really tell you yet, and it's been three weeks. But I'll try. As a virgin burner no more, here are a few things I learned at Black Rock City in 2016. And what YOU should remember if you're going. There are NEVER enough wet wipes So you went to Walmart. You bought everything on your list, from your planet-friendly organic vegan shampoo, to the tennis ball for propping your bike on in...Read More

11 things you only ever say on WhatsApp when you’re going to Burning Man…

I LEAVE TOMORROW!! Am I ready? Probably not.  I'm what's known as a Virgin, (this will be my first time at Burning Man) and in the run up to the event I've been prepping with a friend in London, mostly on WhatsApp. And some of our conversations have been a little.... er.... well. Here then, are my top 11 things you will ONLY ever say if you're getting ready for Burning Man. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10....Read More

Thoughts about rainbows…

I cycled home tonight right under a rainbow - the kind of rainbow that smiles across the sky in every colour, and then more colours you haven't seen before. And I got to the park, and I noticed that people were stopping... stopping in their tracks, on feet, on bikes, on skateboards and on picnic blankets, and they were all looking up at the rainbow, all pointing fingers and eyes and cameras to the sky. But mostly I noticed my...Read More

How to tell when you travel too much (and when you should stop)

Yup. That's how. That's a screenshot my friend just sent me, when I told her to add my new phone number in Amsterdam. "Another one?!" "Yeah, but I'm staying put in Amsterdam for now." *Tumbleweed No one believes me when I say I want to stay in one place, now. Actually, looking at that list makes me a bit antsy again. I'm all like... "BALI!! Why did I leave Bali?!? The food in Vietnam was soooo good. Oh I had such...Read More

It started with a boy called Matt: why I’m going to Burning Man (in 2 weeks!!!)

Going to Burning Man has been pretty high on the bucket list for years... ever since I started chatting to an American guy online back in 2003, who was all set to head off to Black Rock City from his home somewhere in New Mexico. His name was Matt. We chatted so much over webcam that Matt decided to fly to London after the festival to see me. I know, I know, so romantic. And it was. It really was; as soon as...Read More