The Royal’s idea of ‘Indian street kids’ is not quite right

I know I shouldn't read the Daily Mail because it always annoys me... but today THIS was ridiculous. Honestly. Been to India? Yeah, so have I. Met the 'street kids?' Yeah, so have I. Someone here was clearly like 'don't worry, we'll clean up a few and make them look pretty for the staged photo shoot, so you can sit with them and not get your designer dresses all dirty.' Love you Kate, but really, India's street kids do NOT have...Read More

How to write a novel: 25 rules

This post is so inspiring, just had to share! Thanks to Matt Haig, who posted it originally. Sometimes us writers really need to read cool stuff from other writers. We are all in this together, people! So here it is. 25 rules for how to write a novel. Never be in awe of your own style. Writer's block = writer's indecision. Write anything at first. Francois Sagan said 'I have to write to begin to think.' So do you. Right now,...Read More

Amsterdam, I love you! See you again soon.

I've decided to move to Amsterdam. Maybe not forever but definitely for a little bit, because, well.... this. And this: And this:  OK maybe not the last one... but I fell in love with the city again recently. It was just the way the people were so frickin friendly, and the food was amazing, and the streets and canals were so charming in the sunshine. I could see myself living quite a productive freelance lifestyle over there, cycling from cafe to...Read More

Free tsunami romance for Valentine’s Day…

Winner of the TBC (The Book Club) award for best non-fiction, 2016.  Hey guys, I'm giving away The Day Of The Wave over Valentine's weekend in the hope that everyone who's already read it can help to spread the love! Please tell your friends if you loved this book! Becky x

How to Create Titles to Hook Your Readers

This post is written BY JUDITH BRILES posted on February 10, 2016 on The Book Designer Are you sometimes stuck when it comes to adding a title to a blog or article? Have you ever used a mundane title for a blog, article, or gulp … your book? Sure, keywords and phrases are ideal in every lead title. But they aren’t always enough. Your titles need “juice” –the secret sauce to hook the reader to think or say, “What the heck!” or“OMG,...Read More

Yay, I won an award!

It's a super duper awesome start to the new year, because after a long hiatus during which I've been working reeeeeeally hard and not blogging so much (sorry, I am still alive, honest!), I just found out I won an award for The Day Of The Wave, which I'd only just started writing this time last year. Where does the time go, seriously?! I won the number 1 Favourite Non-Fiction and Biography Book Award in the THE Book Club (TBC)...Read More

Who’s the Mills and Boon Man Of The Year 2016? Get your face on a book cover!

Here ye, all you amazing men - and women who know amazing men! Thought I'd spread the word about this. Mills & Boon are launching a nationwide hunt to find The Man of the Year 2016. The new romantic hero will front the cover of their 2016 Valentine’s Day blockbuster and be whisked away on a beach holiday for two! With a little help from presenter and actress Denise Welch, Strictly dancer and presenter of It Takes Two, Robin Windsor, and Rosie...Read More

Pills that make you poop glitter…

Oh my! We should give these to ALL the pigeons in London until the whole city is a sparkly rainbow! Granted we'd be covered in shit, but what a talking point. People would come for miles to see Big Ben how it is now... a shimmering beacon of birdy-poopy perfection, compared to how it was = BORING. I know they say not to eat these pills that make you poop glitter, but oh, oh, oh, I want to know. I...Read More

Know your strengths…

I'm sitting in the cafe. It's just me, two loud ladies who sound like they're from Essex, and a blonde with her boyfriend. An Essex lady approaches the blonde. 'Excuse me, have you done any modelling?' Blonde: 'Yes I have actually.' Essex: 'Ah right yeah we thought you 'ad. We run a modelling agency, would you be interested in working with us? We 'av loads of work at the moment love, loadsa campaigns, do you 'av a portfolio you can...Read More

Humans of Iceland…

This is Sverrir and the replica of his great grandfather, who was once the pastor of the pretty and remote herring fishing town, Siglufjörður. He was also the mayor, the architect who designed the streets, the man to bring free electricity to the church and the first to record a pop song in Iceland. You can do a lot in one lifetime.‪ God, I love Iceland.