Brad Pitt’s younger brother goes Virgin…

Just seen this on my friend Tracy’s wall and I can’t stop laughing. It’s Brad Pitt’s little brother in an Australian ad by Virgin Mobile.

Apparently he didnt tell anyone he was gonna be in this, as he thought it would just be shown in Oz (which it is), but it’s so hilarious that the U.S caught wind of it and now he’s a proper star in his own right.

Bless him. He is such a cute nerd! Look how much he sounds like his brother, too!

Fair Go Bro is a campaign about giving people a fair chance. I love this. Man, I wish I could have worked on cool stuff like this when I was in advertising. It was all credit card ads and cars where I was. Sigh. Go Doug Pitt! Maybe this will launch him into movies. Or maybe he’ll get his own reality TV show now, whereby we follow his daily life as an A-lister’s normal brother, who mows his own lawn and misses basketball shots and stares at his new fax machine which is also a printer.

Awwww. I hope so.