Building adult sandcastles…

20130614-170954.jpgToday I made a duckarfish in the sand on Balangan beach. It’s a cross between a duck and a starfish. I was proud of this creative project when I’d finished as I’d be very surprised if anyone has ever attempted, let alone succeeded in building a duckarfish in the sand here before, or maybe on any beach in the whole wide world.

When I stood up and examined my work I realized that quite probably no one would understand my interpretation of the duckarfish and that I should perhaps extend the bottom leg into a tail, puff out the face and turn it into a cat.
Noah said, “Yeah, that’s a pretty cool cat, all it needs is some whiskers,” and then went off for a swim. I felt a bit silly for not planning the whiskers, and for a second I thought I should have just left it as a duckarfish, but as I pondered over the possibilities of another reconstruction the sea swept in and wiped it all away, so in the end nothing mattered anyway.