Burqa Babes get iFriendly…

My lovely mum just pointed me to this blog, which was mighty nice of her. As you can see, it also features the word ‘burqalicious’ as stated by a lady (presumably) in the full get-up. Burqa Babes is an iPhone application – it’s actually been out since February 2010 but unfortunately, not many people know about it. I’m sure it’s probably listed in the ‘could cause offense’ category, which isn’t heavily encouraged in the App store.

Apparently it’s some kind of sexy-without-the-sex thing, whereby blokes can feast their eyes on what parts they can actually see of a host of gorgeous girls in Muslim dress. Like Page 3, without the hint of porn. I quite like the tartan one there. It’s a shame coloured burqas haven’t really taken off actually; there’s so much potential there. They could even be used for marketing campaigns – KFC could do a big red and white one, for example, with that creepy colonel’s face on the back. France would like that, too. They might even let people wear them if they used the flowing free space for good; to advertise their finest cheeses, wines and government policies. Here’s to plenty more Burqa Babes, I say!

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