Burqalicious Bonus – behold the missing Kebab Cake footage…

A CAKE MADE OF MEAT you say? Oh yes, you’d better believe it. My good friend Ric was kind enough to send me two snippets of forgotten footage from the day I got to slice the world’s first kebab cake in Dubai – as featured rather prominently in Burqalicious – the Dubai Diaries. I’d forgotten about them until a few weeks ago, when I suddenly remembered that durrrr, of course we videoed the occasion. It was my 28th birthday for a start, but also, it’s not every birthday you get to cut a cake made of kebab, is it? With a Sheikh!

“This very item — due to go in The Guinness Book of Records (category yet to be decided) — was cut by my very own hands last night in a lovely new restaurant called MerCURRIES in the Dubai Financial Centre. I was given the privilege because of it being my birthday week. In case you’re wondering, it tasted just like a kebab and the point was, quite simply, to prove that cake, birthday or otherwise, doesn’t have to be sweet or served as a dessert. We also learned such things are great for Arab families too because you don’t even have to be drunk to enjoy this type of kebab!” – p113

In Ric’s own words: “it’s the kind of thing that inspires love and fear in equal measures, and if it were made common knowledge I have absolutely no doubt that wars would ensue to protect the recipe, and countries would fall. So be careful, yeah?”

As he’s hosted these videos on two separate websites I can’t seem to drag them off and host them on this blog itself, but that might be a good thing. You’ll find the videos here and here.

Like he says, be careful, yeah? Even if you think you can guess how to bake a kebab cake, don’t tell anyone. Else it just won’t be as special anymore!

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