Burqalicious – Deleted Diary Entry…

Behold! It’s time for another deleted entry from the book. And no, not just because I’m feeling unoriginal and can’t be arsed to blog properly today (well, OK, maybe a little bit). This one was written and photographed shortly after Ewan and I moved into our new place together on the building site. Can’t believe we actually lived like this, haha!

04/08. An unfortunate blockage…

This. Is. Bullshit. Seriously, the last thing I need right now is to find my entire apartment block cordoned off for no apparent reason.

My building faces the desert. I knew this when I moved in. I also knew there was no corner shop in the vicinity, so buying milk and loo roll is an expedition I have to plan three days in advance and one that, thanks to the climbing temperatures, I cannot face without a bottle of water and a taxi.

Exhibit A – helloooo, can anybody reach me?

Getting a taxi was no problem before the barrier went up. One could simply wade across the driveway/nine foot stretch of sand to the main road, and flag one. But now, as seen in exhibits A and B (taken from my building’s porch) I am expected to walk a mile in either direction in order for one to stop.

Exhibit B – I’m over here, I’m starving, I’m really hot and sweaty!

In true Dubai fashion, we have not been informed as to why this barrier has appeared. There are no signs of explanation, no posters for residents, apologizing for the inconvenience. The doorman muttered something about them extending the road, but quite where they’d put it is beyond me. Are they doing away with the lobby of my building, now? Is my apartment so old and decrepit by Dubai standards that it has to be demolished altogether? It was built in February, 2008, after all.

Also baffling is the sudden appearance of a bus stop, as seen in Exhibit C. Quite how the bus is supposed to stop in the middle of a main road, with such barricades in place, is beyond my realm of understanding. Are the passengers expected to take a running hurdle into the vehicle, over the unfortunate obstacle? The bus stop didn’t exist when access to the road was available. Come to think of it, I haven’t even seen a bus for months. It’s clearly a tease.

Exhibit C – WTF?

Exhibit D displays the birth of a mysterious invisible entity, which is so rare, so precious, that it requires protection from a gaggle of traffic cones, blocking access to the five inches of tarmac left for us to use as a pavement… forcing us once more, into the sand dunes. Again, there is no explanation. No apology. No nothing.

Exhibit D – WTF? (part 2)

I am VERY angry. Like I said, I do not like to dwell on such a list of negatives, especially as our apartment, once we get inside, is actually starting to feel like home, but what the fucking fuck is this a-fucking-BOUT? (Rage).

(Oh yeah, if you like this, there’s another deleted photo entry here)