Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries is @Borders…

Well, it’s on the website at least. Check it out! It was actually featured in today’s newsletter, as pointed out by my good friend Verity this morning. Yay! Exciting! They’ve got the wrong cover up, mind you. Not sure why, but hey, it shows the progression in artwork, doesn’t it! I still think this old cover idea was pretty cool anyway, LOVE the Arabic window thing! The guys n gals at Harper Collins came up with a few designs and they were all Sex-And-The-City style-fabulous.

Shame it’s so blimmin’ expensive over here. At home in the UK you can pick up a new book for 8 or 9 quid, but here it’s almost 30 bucks. Sheesh! Maybe they print on nicer paper in Australia; paper that’s been danced upon by magical butterflies, fluttering good luck charm over every word. Who knows. I hope people buy it anyway. Eeeek. This time next week it will be on the shelves!

7 thoughts on “Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries is @Borders…

  1. Dear Becky,
    I loved reading your book.
    An Aussie working in the UK as a journalist in 1997 I scored a job with Motivate in Dubai with I.F. and was flown out to DXB – I was 27 and adventure was breakfast, crazy was lunch and dinner was give me more.
    I lived in a company apartment in Karama, company car and Deputy Editor of What’s On mag gave me a meal/cocktail ticket to an exploding world of what was about to happen.
    Your splendid tale added some further chapters to what is still happening.
    I loved it.
    I hope you get this and get the chance to reply. I’d love to share some stories with you, someone who understands what Fri afternoon means.
    All the best Carl de Vanny
    PS. I was once in Emirates Woman as Bachelor of the Year. Now I’ve been married 19 years
    I live in Melb, aus

    1. Hey Carl! Thanks for your lovely comments – I can’t believe you experienced it all in 1997, must have been so different then! But, hmmmmm, it sounds like Friday afternoons haven’t changed much, haha! Emirates Bachelor of the Year eh? That’s pretty impressive, I hope you’ve put that on your resume 🙂
      They don’t give so many company cars and apartments out these days, that stuff pretty much dried up before I got there I think! What’s On is still a great mag though, I know people who work on that now!

      1. Hi Becky,
        Thrilled to get a response from you as you must have so many more important things to be doing.
        Your response triggered some quick maths and sorry but I was 10 years out. I was in DXB in 1987/88, 10 years earlier than I mistakenly claimed.
        Easy to work out really as I recall my 30th in Dubai at the Ramada.
        The first Motivate office I worked in was in Deira Tower on the Creek and we had a wonderful view and were close to the Inter-Con for lunch. Later we moved out towards the airport in a new but drab 3 storey office complex.
        Seemingly every quarter the stable of publications grew, along with my list of contacts.
        For 2 years I covered the Benson and Hedges Management Challenge – a team from leading companys, banks and consulting companys and the like would put together a team to compete in a simulated business like scenario. Anyhow, I was on the band wagon and was paid both by B&H and Motivate at the same time to cover this story of sorts in HK one year and London the next.
        Hey the Indian Tourist Bureau sent me to Delhi India to do a 5 day trip on The Palace On Wheels train trip in Rajastan. I.F. said OK and I did a cover story for the mag.
        As you will know, so often I had to bite my lip and keep quiet about what was really going on. I witnessed a friend being escorted out of Gulf News to the airport for saying ‘wrong things’.
        As I gather from your book you too were worn down by the way things just had to be done and what you could say and what is really going on.
        When I started with Motivate we were 3 editorial, 3 graphic designers, 2 advertising, 2 admin and IF.
        Bye for now and good luck in Sydney.

    2. Hello Carl, this is Patrick (Binary Brain). We shared the flat in Karama. ‘Twould be good to share a beer again. I live in Phuket now and work in the oil business.

      Right at this moment I have a busted leg and I am in hospital in Bangkok.

      Get in touch man. Easiest is the link on my Hong Kong website: P J Trading.

      All the best me old mate,

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