Calm in our Chacra…

I was trying to be clever there, because in Bali I would say calming my chakra, but I don’t think it works. ANYWAY, today we went to Chacra, which is a beautiful village about 15 minutes outside of Mendoza. We were basically given a map listing five wineries and some mountain bikes, and off we went. Behold, some photos, this time in a convenient gallery!

Click the first one and scroll through to make them bigger and more beautiful.

It was such a beautiful day. Even though I turned into a ghost for some of it apparently. The smiley man there, we love him, his name is Carmello Patti and he makes ALL his own wine with one other person in this crazy-cool winery, which he showed us round happily. Very nice man. He’s got guest books in his tasting room that date back to 1993, totally full of people’s comments from all over the world. I just love hearing all these people’s stories.

And I love being calm in our Chacra.

(Hmmm, no, still doesn’t work).