Crazy for Amsterdam’s De Kattenkabinet, aka The Cat Cabinet

Love cats? How about a whole museum dedicated to them? I headed out to Amsterdam's De Kattenkabinet, or The Cat Cabinet, for a look at the ultimate cat-lover's fantasy. My landlord won't let me have a cat, because even though cats are graceful and clean, adoring, sensitive alternatives to boyfriends, cats ruin furniture. I thought, rather than mope into photos of cats I can't adopt on the Internet, I'd go with a friend to The Cat Cabinet and fill myself up...Read More

CAK and the wonders of foreign mail…

Got a letter this morning from a Dutch company called CAK regarding health insurance. I thought my eyes were deceiving me... or perhaps I'm just incredibly immature but I opened Urban Dictionary and... yes: CAK = slang for penis. ie. "my cak is hanging out of my pants." Or, if you want another definition, CAK = Short for 'Crunk Ass Kid' ie "Did you just see what CAK did? That Coy is the crunkest of all the kids I know."   Now... I'm sure it means something nicer...Read More
Weird sexy stuff at NEMO

A single girl’s guide to Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum

Check it out - a building that looks just like my love life. A giant, sinking ship. (Sigh). Yes, yes, the dating game's a drag at times, but rather than sit around swiping dejectedly through the cesspool of humanity Tinder, I thought it was high time to 'meet people in the real world!' NEMO seemed like a good enough place to start on a free, sunny day in Amsterdam. It could still become the ship of dreams, right? Perhaps in a...Read More