RIP Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (an excerpt featuring their great work, from Balilicious)

How fuggin AWFUL to hear about the executions of these two men, and the others who were wiped out needlessly today in Indonesia. Don't people go to jail in order to think about what they've done? And hadn't these guys thought enough? Ugh. "The killings were carried out at 12.30am, local time, on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan off the coast of Java." RIP, sweet souls. I was lucky enough to meet them when I was in Bali writing...Read More

The difference a motorised bike makes…

I miss my bike in Bali so much that today I actually hovered outside someone's house in South Harrow contemplating whether I could justify spending £450 on this ex-pizza delivery bike... Admittedly, it's a little different to my Bali one. The setting was a little different, too... Ah Bali, I miss you. I miss your transport. Sniff, sniff. I'm heading off for a new adventure soon - Nashville, Tennessee baby! I'm not sure I'll have a bike there, or any mode...Read More

Vaginal smoking and the benefits of yoni egg insertions (note: there are many)…

I have recently become quite fascinated with vaginal treatments. The fascination began when I saw this tempting advertisement on a board outside a spa in Ubud, Bali: LOTUS TREATMENT Lotus is a special treatment for women famous in Balinese tradition. For cleansing and health, herbs and spices using a 'smoking' method are directed into the woman's area. 1 hour: Rp. 100,000 I started scouting around for similar treatments for the 'area' and found that vaginal smoking is actually a Javanese...Read More

The truth about ‘Ecstatic Dancing’ at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali… (warning, this post may smell)

Everyone in Ubud knows the Yoga Barn. It's a sort of second home for eager expats, all of whom are quite happy to spend an extraordinary amount of money for the right to bend and stretch with one of the most beautiful views in Bali. There are numerous classes every day and I'm sure I'll get to those later, but I should probably tell you that the yoga is not the best thing about the Yoga Barn. Not by a...Read More

Go to Bali for less than a quid! Balilicious is 99p, starting today.

Becky Wicks lifted the burqa on Dubai In BURQALICIOUS. Now she turns her attention to Bali as she hilariously navigates life as an adopted Balinese local. A lot can happen when you set out to 'find yourself'. Sometimes, you can even lose the plot. From visiting ancient healers with cellphone addictions to leaving a shaking ashram intent on extracting her soul, Becky Wicks soon discovered that six months travelling round Bali wasn't all going to be about finding inner peace...Read More

Things I’ll miss about Bali, part 2: (warning, laser beams are included)

Of course I'll miss my trusty steed here - my Scoopy, which may have had a clapped out wing mirror and rust in the most unspeakable of places, but still sped me from A to B in stylish safety throughout my time in Ubud (for about $35 a month including gas). I'll also miss my laundry coming back in a vacuum sealed bag (nothing like a bit of suction to make your pants seem smaller) and smelling of a freshly...Read More

When you’re way too hot to write, you notice these things instead…

1. That the ceiling fan is sodding USELESS because it's pointed not at your body, where you're lying on your bed in a pool of your own Dove-deodorized sweat, but at the mosquito net ABOVE your bed, which lets none of the air through. Ironically, it lets mosquitoes through. 2. That you really should continue bashing out the words to your latest book but all that keeps appearing on your Word document is the line 'She dreamed delectable dreams of...Read More

What I learned about writers at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014…

What a week! The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014 was a whirlwind and I'm exhausted, but I had to blog some photos and shout out to some of the amazing people I met while it's all fresh and exciting in our fuzzy Bintang-sizzled brains. I got to speak on two panels this year, one with the amazing Sarah Alderson and Sarah Darmody on self-publishing versus traditional publishing. I've never spoken on a panel at the festival before, only volunteered...Read More

From blogger to author at the Ubud Writers’ and Readers’ Festival (an excerpt from Balilicious, which still stands today!)

Here I am as an author at the 2014 Ubud Writers' and Readers Festival - woooow-weeee, I get a sparkly all access pass and everything! But it wasn't so long ago I was a blogger, here in town to work on Balilicious - the Bali Diaries! Here's an excerpt from then, which still stands today. Only today I get to talk on a panel about my self publishing experiences. If you're in town, come say hi! When I first volunteered...Read More

Getting a wisdom tooth removed in Bali (at the Sayan Aesthetic Institute) and surviving to tell the tale…

I don't know about you but when I think of getting any kind of medical procedure done anywhere outside of my home country I immediately enter panic mode and imagine the worst case scenario, which in the case of dentistry would be some dodgy backstreet guy tying a rope around my tooth, strapping the other end to the back of a rusty old car and driving till it popped from its socket. Living in Bali I thought nothing of getting...Read More