Tinder Diaries: The Burner In The Park

In trawling through folders on my laptop for some old work I've just come across some diaries I wrote about Tinder dating last year in the US and Canada. This one is pretty funny to look back on, especially since I've now been to Burning Man! Thought I'd share, cos what the hell. I have heaps more where this came from. May 28, 2015 The Burner in the park... I had a little meet-up in the park last night with...Read More

Comedy night at the Canna Clinic…

Today I learnt two things. The first is that penguins have knees inside their bodies. Yes. Knees. Inside. I'm not even kidding. The second is that if you go to a comedy show in a cannabis clinic and don't smoke/consume a thing, you will get high anyway and you will laugh like a toddler on half a kilo of gummi bears, even at the jokes you know aren't funny. You will also laugh at people and things you shouldn't laugh...Read More