Who’s the Mills and Boon Man Of The Year 2016? Get your face on a book cover!

Here ye, all you amazing men - and women who know amazing men! Thought I'd spread the word about this. Mills & Boon are launching a nationwide hunt to find The Man of the Year 2016. The new romantic hero will front the cover of their 2016 Valentine’s Day blockbuster and be whisked away on a beach holiday for two! With a little help from presenter and actress Denise Welch, Strictly dancer and presenter of It Takes Two, Robin Windsor, and Rosie...Read More

Aliens in the White House…

Just got a newsflash on my phone: 'Small one-person helicopter lands at White House West Lawn. Pilot in custody.' I know I should click on it for the full story but I prefer what my imagination is telling me, and that is that a child-size helicopter from the future has been thrust upon this earth, hosting a tiny alien baby, in the hopes that Mr President will adopt him. When all seems safe and well, and we've become accustomed to...Read More

Braving a full moon silent disco in Goa…

Last night in India, (Palolem Beach to be precise) I went to a silent disco, which I quickly realised was quite possibly the only way my friend Russ and I could ever share a dance floor because he hates my music and I hate his. When we wear headphones and dance to our own respective channels however, EVERYTHING is awesome. Interestingly, no matter what people were listening to last night, they all looked the same, thrashing their bodies around and...Read More

Getting a wisdom tooth removed in Bali (at the Sayan Aesthetic Institute) and surviving to tell the tale…

I don't know about you but when I think of getting any kind of medical procedure done anywhere outside of my home country I immediately enter panic mode and imagine the worst case scenario, which in the case of dentistry would be some dodgy backstreet guy tying a rope around my tooth, strapping the other end to the back of a rusty old car and driving till it popped from its socket. Living in Bali I thought nothing of getting...Read More

Malaysian Airlines plane taken by aliens…

I'm just going to come out and say it. Because ya'll KNOW you're thinking it too. Aliens are coming, and they're starting off by stealing our planes. From the sky. There is literally no other explanation for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Look, they've covered every other possibility. And if there were terrorists on board, like they suspect there were, terrorists are not magicians. Planes don't just disappear under a big cloak as someone says abracadabra to a pilot,...Read More

5 Reasons Why Game of Thrones Is Better Than Enid Blyton

Before I saw Game of Thrones I thought it was just a series of books about dwarves and dragons, which I'd already read, really, in the form of these masterpieces by Enid Blyton: Why waste my time? She did the whole thing so well when I was seven... how anyone could possibly hope to improve it was beyond me. Little did I know that my world was about to be turned upside down. Game of Thrones is awesome. I repeat,...Read More

A real Colorado gun show…

So I found out a gun show was taking place in Denver last weekend and seeing as I've never been to one (and will probably never go to one again) I went along. My friend rather wanted to buy a gun, and the first lesson I learnt was that you need the right State license to do so. Unless you live in Colorado, you can't buy a gun here. Sadly he has to wait until he gets back to Texas...Read More

How to beat an alcohol ban (and get seriously addicted to oysters) in Denver: The Oxford Hotel has it all!

"Do you know why the hallways are so wide?" our guide asked us as we were shown around the spectacular and seriously luxurious Oxford Hotel in Denver, Colorado this weekend. We shook our heads, and then learnt that it’s because they were designed specifically to accommodate two ladies walking side by side in their gargantuan frocks, back when this LoDo Denver hotel threw open its jazzy wrought iron doors in 1891. How cool is that? I can’t imagine a hotel being...Read More

Win a copy of Latinalicious! Here’s how…

You can get your Latinalicious - The South America Diaries now in all good Aussie book shops, or on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Wanna win a shiny paperback? See below, and spread the world. It will make the perfect Chrimbo pressie/coaster/glossy-tanning-aide come summer! x   AMAZON BLURB "In her latest laugh-out-loud travel memoir, intrepid traveller Becky Wicks sets her sights on both the natural and - ahem! - man-made attractions of South America, and discovers that while gauchos aren't always hot,...Read More

Why I am probably too old for concerts: a reintroduction to loud noises, crotches and the dangers of bottle tops

I wasn’t allowed to keep the cap on the plastic bottle of water I ordered at tonight's concert at the O2. “You’re not allowed caps inside in case you throw them at an act you don’t like,” the young girl behind the counter told me when she took my seven pounds. “It’s not Ascot. Anyone’s allowed in.” Fair enough, I thought. Can’t argue with that, but how I’m supposed to throw a bottle top at Dizzy Rascal’s bopping head when...Read More