Truffles Therapy Retreat: my psychedelic weekend with magic truffles

Someone lit a stick of palo santo in the car. I watched the road through a veil of spiritual smoke as my ego murmered in the backseat: What are you doing? You don’t do things like this. You don’t go off to hippy communes, you don’t burn wood sticks or offer hugs of inestimable length to strangers. What would your friends say? [caption id="attachment_6007" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Behold the magic truffles. Photo by Arthur Enselme.[/caption] I was sharing a ride with three women...Read More

“I go to the gym a lot.” And other things I never thought I’d say…

Once in Sydney I joined a yoga studio for $350 a year and went once. In New York I spent close to $600 and went to maybe... four classes. In Dubai I looked at the gym a lot, on my way back home from spending £50 a time on an all-you-can-eat-brunch, and in London I engaged in a three-month battle to cancel my Fitness First membership, having been to one class, resulting in sweat of the wrong kind and a lot of...Read More

Cadburys Cream Eggs and everything else…

Does anyone remember when Cadburys Cream Eggs were just eggs? Yeah. Me too. I used to nibble the top off and stick my finger in and wrap my tongue around that creamy goodness and... OK, so this is kind of sounding like an erotica. I should really stop writing sex scenes with the lights off at night. Anyway - they used to be eggs. Because eggs are eggs, aren't they? What else could they possibly be? Well. Biscuits. Obviously. Cadburys...Read More

What do you mean it’s not a perfume?

I saw this Yoga Mat Mist today and my first thought was, "Why would anyone want to smell like a yoga mat?" Seriously. And then I realized that I know nothing about this strange new world and that actually it's not a perfume meant to ensure you smell spiritual, it is actually something you spray onto your mat to eradicate the stench of sweat. I don't think I need it yet.

The best Pilates in Ubud, Bali, (and maybe the world)

I'd like to take a minute to tell the world about Ubud Pilates, because really, over the past few weeks it has changed my life. And my abs. And my arms. And my legs. And everything. I'm not one of these people who goes to the gym a lot, or ever, actually. People who know me will attest to this. And to be honest in spite of living in Ubud and trying so very, very hard to love yoga, I...Read More