From Spalding Guardian to Mills & Boon

Last week a journo got in touch from my hometown in the UK, (Spalding, Lincolnshire) - behold, the land of tulips and tractors. I answered all his questions and sent a nice image of the new Mills & Boon book, however, he's printed my face instead and gone with the angle of 'Becky used to work here when she was at school.' [pdf-embedder url="" title="Guardian Free Press"]   Thanks Lincolnshire Free Press! You sure did inspire my creativity all those...Read More

Remembering Yemen…

I never did make it to Syria unfortunately, but I did visit Yemen in 2008, which I'm thinking about now in the midst of this stupid Muslim Ban. Who knows what Trump will do to further dampen the spirits of these people, but my heart breaks when I think about it. The guys were all carrying these huge knives, tucked in their waistbands, but never once did it feel threatening. If anything it was comedic... they weren't even weapons in...Read More

The Royal’s idea of ‘Indian street kids’ is not quite right

I know I shouldn't read the Daily Mail because it always annoys me... but today THIS was ridiculous. Honestly. Been to India? Yeah, so have I. Met the 'street kids?' Yeah, so have I. Someone here was clearly like 'don't worry, we'll clean up a few and make them look pretty for the staged photo shoot, so you can sit with them and not get your designer dresses all dirty.' Love you Kate, but really, India's street kids do NOT have...Read More

How to Create Titles to Hook Your Readers

This post is written BY JUDITH BRILES posted on February 10, 2016 on The Book Designer Are you sometimes stuck when it comes to adding a title to a blog or article? Have you ever used a mundane title for a blog, article, or gulp … your book? Sure, keywords and phrases are ideal in every lead title. But they aren’t always enough. Your titles need “juice” –the secret sauce to hook the reader to think or say, “What the heck!” or“OMG,...Read More

Pills that make you poop glitter…

Oh my! We should give these to ALL the pigeons in London until the whole city is a sparkly rainbow! Granted we'd be covered in shit, but what a talking point. People would come for miles to see Big Ben how it is now... a shimmering beacon of birdy-poopy perfection, compared to how it was = BORING. I know they say not to eat these pills that make you poop glitter, but oh, oh, oh, I want to know. I...Read More

RIP Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (an excerpt featuring their great work, from Balilicious)

How fuggin AWFUL to hear about the executions of these two men, and the others who were wiped out needlessly today in Indonesia. Don't people go to jail in order to think about what they've done? And hadn't these guys thought enough? Ugh. "The killings were carried out at 12.30am, local time, on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan off the coast of Java." RIP, sweet souls. I was lucky enough to meet them when I was in Bali writing...Read More

Aliens in the White House…

Just got a newsflash on my phone: 'Small one-person helicopter lands at White House West Lawn. Pilot in custody.' I know I should click on it for the full story but I prefer what my imagination is telling me, and that is that a child-size helicopter from the future has been thrust upon this earth, hosting a tiny alien baby, in the hopes that Mr President will adopt him. When all seems safe and well, and we've become accustomed to...Read More

Musings on a Nashville snow day…

No one told me flying south for the winter would take me somewhere colder than England. Then again, there's something so peaceful about walking alone down a frozen street - I'm pretty sure Elsa was just here working her ice-skills. While I really miss Bali in these temperatures I'm also very grateful to be able to see the magic in somewhere new. Icicles hang from bus stop signs and dustbins, like abandoned Christmas decorations in a ghost town. I spoke...Read More

If I was a celebrity, I would totally wear the hell out of this…

Is Lenny Kravitz wearing a scarf or a blanket? This was the question posed today by a select few while the rest of the world was concerning themselves with other less important things like... well, who knows? THIS is clearly the most important thing. Should we call this a scarf or a blanket? Some suggest it's a blarf. Oh I larf at his blarf! It makes him look smaller. Perhaps that's what he's going for. Perhaps Lenny Kravitz woke up and thought,...Read More

Poltergeists and possessed shoes: Imagine finding this in your inherited house…

The orb right here was what really interested me about this story today! Can you see it? A little ball of white light halfway between the wall and the ceiling. And don't you go telling me it's the flash because that's not gonna stick. It's a GHOST, OK? Seriously though, when I'm writing I'm always going into rooms and wondering what my characters will find, but none of them have ever found anything like this. A whole freakin' vintage shoe shop!! (and...Read More