Weird sexy stuff at NEMO

A single girl’s guide to Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum

Check it out - a building that looks just like my love life. A giant, sinking ship. (Sigh). Yes, yes, the dating game's a drag at times, but rather than sit around swiping dejectedly through the cesspool of humanity Tinder, I thought it was high time to 'meet people in the real world!' NEMO seemed like a good enough place to start on a free, sunny day in Amsterdam. It could still become the ship of dreams, right? Perhaps in a...Read More

Tinder Diaries: Getting my Groupon…

Shamus's profile shots scrolled like some kind of Action Man calendar. In one photo the 39-year-old Irish-Canadian was hugging a goat on what looked like a dusty Nepalese street, with his bicep bulging over it like a rock. In another he was posing with a group of kids somewhere in Africa, deeply tanned and most definitely sexily-engrossed in another culture. In a third, he was kneeling, arms crossed in some kind of military-type uniform, so this well-travelled man of the...Read More

Nice to know I can blame all those bad dates on someone else. Thanks, OKCupid, for messing with us…

I'd like to say I'm shocked by OkCupid's, or rather the co-founder and data scientist Christian Rudder's post about experimenting on people, but really I'm not. Because I have been on more than a few OKCupid dates and let me tell you, if someone had told me afterwards that people were messing with me and those people were not as perfect a match as the site led me to believe, I wouldn't have been surprised. Algorithmic experiments are being done...Read More

A is for Alphabetised CDs… (another online dating disaster)

The date I had last night was an hour and a half of my life I will never get back. Seriously. I’m getting a bit sick of online dating now if I’m honest. When I first activated my profile, I thought the free site ‘Oasis Active’ was a gateway to all sorts of exciting adventures, a wonderland if you will, full of interesting men all dying to wine me, dine me and,… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I couldn’t...Read More