Tempted by her hairy tarantula?

The truth behind my first Mills & Boon novel, Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc

I was asked recently how I got the idea for Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc, my very first Mills and Boon Medical romance. (It still feels weird to type that!) Honestly, while I'd like to say I had hot, steamy sex with a rich TV Star/doctor in a gushing waterfall in the Amazon rainforest, I didn't. I simply got eaten alive by sandflies, mocked by a German tourist called Bengo (he mocked me?!?) and tripped through rainbows on ayahuasca with...Read More


A moving, emotional romance based on real-life events. NOW FREE ON AMAZON! The Day Of The Wave follows Isla and Ben in the wake of surviving one of the world's biggest natural disasters - the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.  Separated at sixteen with no idea of each other's survival the two meet by chance a decade later and soon it's clear that the sparks between them never went out. As Isla and Ben finally open up in Thailand, so too...Read More

The Day of the Wave – Playlist

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had putting a playlist together for a book. There were just so many great artists who inspired me and so many songs that seemed to fit perfectly with parts of The Day of the Wave. Here are my top picks, and you can play them, as well as the rest as you read by clicking the YouTube thingy up there! This Love – Tyrone Wells ‘You’re beautiful just as you are, you...Read More

A new, FREE short story to make you go awwww….

There's nothing like a freebie, so I wrote a little quickie (ahem) to melt your hearts. It's set in Alaska and it's only 6000 words, but hopefully you'll like it! Here's the blurb: Ella and Oscar grew up together in the wilds of Alaska and their love is a powerful force that renders others not only green-eyed with envy, but invisible. When strange sounds in Ella's house start freaking them out, a visit to a local psychic is set to...Read More

READER COMPETITION! ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ giveaway has started. Your chance to win heaps of brilliant books! Enter here…

Rather than just run a giveaway for December this year, awesome author Mia Hoddell has decided to host an event called 12 Days of Christmas. She’s gotten together a fantastic line up of NYT Best-sellers, USA Today Best-sellers, Amazon Bests-sellers, and amazing indies who will be posting from Dec 1st to Dec 12th. If that wasn’t enough, plenty of them have donated to the giveaways! (Me included!) Stay tuned on December 10th when I’ll be giving away three sets of Before...Read More

When your books make it to YouTube… with the amazing #indiebooksbeseen

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I'm LOVING this amazing indie author community. I love how supportive everyone is of each other, honestly, there's just something so nice and warm and cosy about being a part of what feels like some kind of revolution. Mark Shaw is the man behind a movement we're hashtagging #indiebooksbeseen and since he made my TweetDeck column shine with all things indie and new, and also since I've been blogging my self-publishing journey,...Read More

What I learned about writers at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014…

What a week! The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014 was a whirlwind and I'm exhausted, but I had to blog some photos and shout out to some of the amazing people I met while it's all fresh and exciting in our fuzzy Bintang-sizzled brains. I got to speak on two panels this year, one with the amazing Sarah Alderson and Sarah Darmody on self-publishing versus traditional publishing. I've never spoken on a panel at the festival before, only volunteered...Read More

From blogger to author at the Ubud Writers’ and Readers’ Festival (an excerpt from Balilicious, which still stands today!)

Here I am as an author at the 2014 Ubud Writers' and Readers Festival - woooow-weeee, I get a sparkly all access pass and everything! But it wasn't so long ago I was a blogger, here in town to work on Balilicious - the Bali Diaries! Here's an excerpt from then, which still stands today. Only today I get to talk on a panel about my self publishing experiences. If you're in town, come say hi! When I first volunteered...Read More

Becky Wicks & Sarah Alderson discuss 10 Essential Marketing Tips for New Authors…

Author Sarah Alderson and I are guest speakers at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival this week, where we're discussing all things "marketing" and more on a series of panels. We're also taking a look at traditional versus self-publishing... Being a successful author these days means knowing how to market and promote yourself and your book, and let us tell you, it doesn’t matter in the slightest whether you're traditionally published or going the indie/self-publishing route - you're going to have...Read More

How to utilize all those indie author tools to stand out and grow your audience…

As indie authors swimming in this endless ocean of ebooks, we all know by now that we need to get smart if we want to actually sell any of our own. I've written a post with fellow author Sarah Alderson on how to market your book, but here are some nifty must-haves from myself and my cover designer/fantasy author Jeanine Henning. (Article originally published on Jeanine's blog!) What Becky’s found…. TweetAdder Most traffic to my blog and to my books comes...Read More