Thoughts on writing romance novels about real ‘live’ people…

As a writer I’d like to be able to subscribe to certain people’s WhatsApp conversations, you know? I think they’d be great character studies… like imagine if you could spy on relationships, especially romantic ones, from the sensual/ suggestive sexting to the sad point at which you’ve sunk so low you’re actually revelling in your own passive aggression, writing snarky one-liners, totally misusing grammar and emojis thanks to the pathetic tears clouding your eyes, and getting blocked. I’m sure WhatsApp...Read More

How to Create Titles to Hook Your Readers

This post is written BY JUDITH BRILES posted on February 10, 2016 on The Book Designer Are you sometimes stuck when it comes to adding a title to a blog or article? Have you ever used a mundane title for a blog, article, or gulp … your book? Sure, keywords and phrases are ideal in every lead title. But they aren’t always enough. Your titles need “juice” –the secret sauce to hook the reader to think or say, “What the heck!” or“OMG,...Read More

Who’s the Mills and Boon Man Of The Year 2016? Get your face on a book cover!

Here ye, all you amazing men - and women who know amazing men! Thought I'd spread the word about this. Mills & Boon are launching a nationwide hunt to find The Man of the Year 2016. The new romantic hero will front the cover of their 2016 Valentine’s Day blockbuster and be whisked away on a beach holiday for two! With a little help from presenter and actress Denise Welch, Strictly dancer and presenter of It Takes Two, Robin Windsor, and Rosie...Read More

The Day of the Wave – Playlist

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had putting a playlist together for a book. There were just so many great artists who inspired me and so many songs that seemed to fit perfectly with parts of The Day of the Wave. Here are my top picks, and you can play them, as well as the rest as you read by clicking the YouTube thingy up there! This Love – Tyrone Wells ‘You’re beautiful just as you are, you...Read More

Go to Bali for less than a quid! Balilicious is 99p, starting today.

Becky Wicks lifted the burqa on Dubai In BURQALICIOUS. Now she turns her attention to Bali as she hilariously navigates life as an adopted Balinese local. A lot can happen when you set out to 'find yourself'. Sometimes, you can even lose the plot. From visiting ancient healers with cellphone addictions to leaving a shaking ashram intent on extracting her soul, Becky Wicks soon discovered that six months travelling round Bali wasn't all going to be about finding inner peace...Read More

How do you handle negative reviews for your book on Amazon and Goodreads? And are readers actively LOOKING for bad books?

What didn't make me smile throughout my recent and ultimately successful free book campaign on Amazon KDP (and I'll tell you this, seeing as we're being honest here) was that with all the extra interest in the book, (over 24,000 downloads in 4 days) the one, 1-star review I had lurking somewhere on my book's page rose to the top of the 80-odd good ones overnight, with 27 people finding it helpful. Whaaaat?! No one's ever sure why people choose to like...Read More

A new, FREE short story to make you go awwww….

There's nothing like a freebie, so I wrote a little quickie (ahem) to melt your hearts. It's set in Alaska and it's only 6000 words, but hopefully you'll like it! Here's the blurb: Ella and Oscar grew up together in the wilds of Alaska and their love is a powerful force that renders others not only green-eyed with envy, but invisible. When strange sounds in Ella's house start freaking them out, a visit to a local psychic is set to...Read More

Come be a host on our blog tour! Sign ups are live for The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft)…

We're so excited! We perhaps should have launched this at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival last week, but let's face it, Sarah Alderson and I were too busy swigging cocktails and getting drunk reaching out to other authors and readers to worry about that. So here we are, announcing our new comedy romance a la Internet - The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft). Whoo hoo! (The blurb is below). The blog tour starts November 10th with the...Read More

What I learned about writers at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014…

What a week! The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014 was a whirlwind and I'm exhausted, but I had to blog some photos and shout out to some of the amazing people I met while it's all fresh and exciting in our fuzzy Bintang-sizzled brains. I got to speak on two panels this year, one with the amazing Sarah Alderson and Sarah Darmody on self-publishing versus traditional publishing. I've never spoken on a panel at the festival before, only volunteered...Read More