Truffles Therapy Retreat: my psychedelic weekend with magic truffles

Someone lit a stick of palo santo in the car. I watched the road through a veil of spiritual smoke as my ego murmered in the backseat: What are you doing? You don’t do things like this. You don’t go off to hippy communes, you don’t burn wood sticks or offer hugs of inestimable length to strangers. What would your friends say? [caption id="attachment_6007" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Behold the magic truffles. Photo by Arthur Enselme.[/caption] I was sharing a ride with three women...Read More
rose petal bath

The time I… took one of those sexy rose petal baths

Yes indeedy, that is I... bathing in a tub resplendent with rose petals. This was about... God I think maybe ten years ago now... in a hotel somewhere in Oman. I was going through some old photos on Facebook when I found this one. It was born around the era us millennials will come to know as that time we stopped loitering outside Boots eating Monster Munch till our photos were printed, stopped sticking them in albums to be remembered...Read More
Tempted by her hairy tarantula?

The truth behind my first Mills & Boon novel, Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc

I was asked recently how I got the idea for Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc, my very first Mills and Boon Medical romance. (It still feels weird to type that!) Honestly, while I'd like to say I had hot, steamy sex with a rich TV Star/doctor in a gushing waterfall in the Amazon rainforest, I didn't. I simply got eaten alive by sandflies, mocked by a German tourist called Bengo (he mocked me?!?) and tripped through rainbows on ayahuasca with...Read More

Boobies and other star attractions – a quick squint at the Galapagos…

Carrots. It's always the carrots. Even if you haven't eaten any carrots, they always seem to show up first when you're retching over the toilet bowl, wondering when the hell your stomach will settle and leave you free to roll into a self-pitying fetal ball on the floor. This is at least what Farzana told me after a night chucking her guts up out on the deck, and in the metre-wide closet that constitutes the bathroom in our five-star yacht....Read More

The ghosts of Christmases past, and why I am missing “home” right now…

There's something magical about London at Christmas actually that for some reason I am missing this year more than ever. Hmm. Check out the window display in London's luxury department store, Harrods. Mum just sent me this article with pics of 2013's offering: The Harrods Express and it's making me all nostalgic, here in Colorado with the snowy white mountains behind me and the blazing sun burning in a blue sky. Why do I want to be in drizzly, claustrophobic London? I don't...Read More

It’s been a year since candles, muggings, Crepes & Waffles and machetes in Colombia: Día de las Velitas, a Latinalicious extract…

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! It's been a whole year since the attempted mugging in Cartagena, when I was having an otherwise amaaaaazing time in my favourite part of Colombia. To celebrate survival, here's an extract from Latinalicious on the topic. If you're liking these extracts by the way, don't forget to get your copy on for the incredibly random but bargainous price of just $3.63. Candles, muggings and machetes... I have fallen in love with Cartagena in a...Read More

Win a copy of Latinalicious! Here’s how…

You can get your Latinalicious - The South America Diaries now in all good Aussie book shops, or on and Wanna win a shiny paperback? See below, and spread the world. It will make the perfect Chrimbo pressie/coaster/glossy-tanning-aide come summer! x   AMAZON BLURB "In her latest laugh-out-loud travel memoir, intrepid traveller Becky Wicks sets her sights on both the natural and - ahem! - man-made attractions of South America, and discovers that while gauchos aren't always hot,...Read More

Bulldogs in jars and a lesson in gauchos… (an excerpt from Latinalicious)

Just over a year ago when I was writing the Argentinian bits of Latinalicious, I spent an incredible few days at a dreamlike place called Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba. Here's where I got to grips with the way those sexy gauchos really live... mmm mmm... and also got to go very, very, very fast on a horse for the first time in my life. I'm just cantering down memory lane looking at some photos, so I thought it was...Read More

VIDEO BLOG: Fun in the Amazon, and some f***ing scary spiders…

"'I do not want to see a tarantula,' I stated to our jungle guide, a strapping, black-haired man in his mid-thirties I'll call Mowgli, as soon as I stepped onto the boat. 'You and everyone else who comes here,' he replied, smirking. Prior to signing up for the trip to Ecuador's Cuyabeno National Park, I Googled what I was likely to encounter here and the Internet informed me there are approximately 3,600 species of spiders inhabiting the Amazon basin. To...Read More

Latinalicious sneak peek: Setting foot on the Inca Trail…

It's been one year exactly since I set off on the Inca Trail in Peru, and with the full account coming out in Latinalicious next month I thought I'd share a little bit here. Man, time flies!!! 8/11 Inca Trail. Day One. Dear Diary How are you? I’m OK but I’d prefer it if I was in a hotel room and not a tent. Today I counted sixty-nine donkeys. I thought if I gave myself a task other than trying...Read More