Crazy for Amsterdam’s De Kattenkabinet, aka The Cat Cabinet

Love cats? How about a whole museum dedicated to them? I headed out to Amsterdam's De Kattenkabinet, or The Cat Cabinet, for a look at the ultimate cat-lover's fantasy. My landlord won't let me have a cat, because even though cats are graceful and clean, adoring, sensitive alternatives to boyfriends, cats ruin furniture. I thought, rather than mope into photos of cats I can't adopt on the Internet, I'd go with a friend to The Cat Cabinet and fill myself up...Read More

Uber in Nashville is interesting…

Me: 'So, what's the craziest thing that's happened to you since you started driving for Uber?' Him: 'Are you a shy girl?' Me: 'Er, I don't think so.' Him: 'Then maybe I'll tell you about the girls who asked me to take them to a swinger's club. There were four of them. I didn't think one wanted to go so I asked if they were sure. They all said yes except the one who didn't look sure, so I took...Read More

Have I mentioned the Family Dollar Store yet?

Have I mentioned the Family Dollar store yet? It's my new favorite place here in Nashville. Contrary to the name, not everything inside costs a dollar, which is disappointing, but nonetheless it's the kind of bargain-basement neon playground that has you dancing down the aisles in a Julie Andrews kind of joy parade. You feel high the second you walk in... at least, I do. Rows and rows of additive-riddled edible things shine like beacons alongside such necessities as glittery plant pots...Read More

Whales and travel fails in Sri Lanka…

Of all the trips I've done on my travels, whale watching in Sri Lanka shares equal place on the joy list with being mugged in a Colombian ghetto and being made to climb my way out of Peru's Colca Canyon at 4am with no coffee inside me (I gave up and hired a mule). For almost four hours this morning we were tossed about humongous waves while several French women vomited as delicately and quietly as they could into tiny plastic...Read More

Braving a full moon silent disco in Goa…

Last night in India, (Palolem Beach to be precise) I went to a silent disco, which I quickly realised was quite possibly the only way my friend Russ and I could ever share a dance floor because he hates my music and I hate his. When we wear headphones and dance to our own respective channels however, EVERYTHING is awesome. Interestingly, no matter what people were listening to last night, they all looked the same, thrashing their bodies around and...Read More

Today I disgraced myself in an Indian holy place (by accident – Jeeeez)

Quite pleased with myself for writing almost 4000 words of my new book I left the cafe here in Fort Cochin to reward myself with some light shopping, or general store browsing. On the way out I heard a big cheer and I assumed the guys watching football were happy about someone scoring a goal. I had a nice little stroll around before it started to rain again, so I made my way back to my home stay to re-asses my afternoon...Read More

Miracle cures, cruel mockery and conversations with goats – today in Fort Cochin…

I woke up this morning to the ominous gurgling of my insides and only just made it to the toilet in time to puke up what appeared to be EVERYTHING I’ve eaten since last Wednesday. Crawling back to bed I lay under the ceiling fan in misery and had just nodded off again when the song The River of Babylon inexplicably blasted its way from outside on the street and through my window. It’s not that I don’t enjoy The...Read More

Today I saw Castle Greyskull (and the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam). Seriously…

The mighty Cringer and Adam (aka He Man and Battle Cat) were suuuuuper busy today battling evil on the banks of the river as we sped on our boat towards the Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh. Seriously. Check out Castle Greyskull... I was AMAZED!!! No one was actually able to tell us which force of greatness put this exact replica here in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam, but when compared to the REAL Castle Greyskull, it's not half...Read More

Yoga fails, Sound Medicine, Native Wolves and a White Star…

Tonight on my constant journey into enlightenment here in Bali, I attended a Sound Medicine session. I didn’t really want to admit that this was mainly because I have 20 classes to use up on my Yoga Barn card and I’d rather some of them weren’t spent on yoga, but this was the main reason, really. I had a bit of a shit yoga session today, you see. After yesterday and feeling all pleased with myself I got a little...Read More

What I saw today in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden… A story by Becky Wicks age 32

Today I saw this lady who'd been sliced in half at the tummy and put back together again and I wondered whether she had been attacked by farmers for doing something naughty with their sheep. Then I realised she didn't learn her lesson because she is still doing it and without any clothes on so really it's her fault and I shouldn't feel sad for her. Then I saw this lady who'd been shat on and she also had no...Read More