Truffles Therapy Retreat: my psychedelic weekend with magic truffles

Someone lit a stick of palo santo in the car. I watched the road through a veil of spiritual smoke as my ego murmered in the backseat: What are you doing? You don’t do things like this. You don’t go off to hippy communes, you don’t burn wood sticks or offer hugs of inestimable length to strangers. What would your friends say? [caption id="attachment_6007" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Behold the magic truffles. Photo by Arthur Enselme.[/caption] I was sharing a ride with three women...Read More
rose petal bath

The time I… took one of those sexy rose petal baths

Yes indeedy, that is I... bathing in a tub resplendent with rose petals. This was about... God I think maybe ten years ago now... in a hotel somewhere in Oman. I was going through some old photos on Facebook when I found this one. It was born around the era us millennials will come to know as that time we stopped loitering outside Boots eating Monster Munch till our photos were printed, stopped sticking them in albums to be remembered...Read More
Tempted by her hairy tarantula?

The truth behind my first Mills & Boon novel, Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc

I was asked recently how I got the idea for Tempted by Her Hot-Shot Doc, my very first Mills and Boon Medical romance. (It still feels weird to type that!) Honestly, while I'd like to say I had hot, steamy sex with a rich TV Star/doctor in a gushing waterfall in the Amazon rainforest, I didn't. I simply got eaten alive by sandflies, mocked by a German tourist called Bengo (he mocked me?!?) and tripped through rainbows on ayahuasca with...Read More

Why a staycation is better than going abroad (sometimes)

Deep in one of the world's most dangerous rainforests, I cast my eyes to the Colombian skies as my ass sagged into a river from a large inflatable tube. My guide, Juan Manuel, chose this moment to inform me we were likely surrounded by lurking members of the FARC, armed with machetes. "But do not worry!" he said. Apparently, we had no reason to fear the guerrilleros in our midst, because not only was Juan Manuel the second best BMX...Read More

Croatia: Getting around in Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar

[caption id="attachment_5618" align="aligncenter" width="600"] View from Dubrovnik city wall[/caption] So, if you're here, you're probably looking for information on travelling to and around Croatia? You're in luck' because I just got back. I can only give you info on what we did, obviously, which was 2 days in Dubrovnik, one night in Split, 3 nights in Hvar and then back to Dubrovnik for 2 more nights. A lot of moving about in retrospect, but there you go! IMPORTANT TIP: Pack...Read More

Remembering Yemen…

I never did make it to Syria unfortunately, but I did visit Yemen in 2008, which I'm thinking about now in the midst of this stupid Muslim Ban. Who knows what Trump will do to further dampen the spirits of these people, but my heart breaks when I think about it. The guys were all carrying these huge knives, tucked in their waistbands, but never once did it feel threatening. If anything it was comedic... they weren't even weapons in...Read More

Christmas in Prague…

I just got back from Prague - another new city for me. I love nothing more than heading off to a new place and just wandering around aimlessly. Prague is pretty easy to navigate, really. Well, Google Maps helps, and so does having a couple of the attractions booked in advance so you don't waste time when you're there, but mainly it's a place you can walk about with no agenda and still uncover what you'll think are hidden delights....Read More

Things you should probably know before going to Burning Man

So, Burning Man. Hmm. How was it, you ask? Honestly. I can't even really tell you yet, and it's been three weeks. But I'll try. As a virgin burner no more, here are a few things I learned at Black Rock City in 2016. And what YOU should remember if you're going. There are NEVER enough wet wipes So you went to Walmart. You bought everything on your list, from your planet-friendly organic vegan shampoo, to the tennis ball for propping your bike on in...Read More

How to tell when you travel too much (and when you should stop)

Yup. That's how. That's a screenshot my friend just sent me, when I told her to add my new phone number in Amsterdam. "Another one?!" "Yeah, but I'm staying put in Amsterdam for now." *Tumbleweed No one believes me when I say I want to stay in one place, now. Actually, looking at that list makes me a bit antsy again. I'm all like... "BALI!! Why did I leave Bali?!? The food in Vietnam was soooo good. Oh I had such...Read More

It started with a boy called Matt: why I’m going to Burning Man (in 2 weeks!!!)

Going to Burning Man has been pretty high on the bucket list for years... ever since I started chatting to an American guy online back in 2003, who was all set to head off to Black Rock City from his home somewhere in New Mexico. His name was Matt. We chatted so much over webcam that Matt decided to fly to London after the festival to see me. I know, I know, so romantic. And it was. It really was; as soon as...Read More