The Royal’s idea of ‘Indian street kids’ is not quite right

I know I shouldn't read the Daily Mail because it always annoys me... but today THIS was ridiculous. Honestly. Been to India? Yeah, so have I. Met the 'street kids?' Yeah, so have I. Someone here was clearly like 'don't worry, we'll clean up a few and make them look pretty for the staged photo shoot, so you can sit with them and not get your designer dresses all dirty.' Love you Kate, but really, India's street kids do NOT have...Read More

Humans of Iceland…

This is Sverrir and the replica of his great grandfather, who was once the pastor of the pretty and remote herring fishing town, Siglufjörður. He was also the mayor, the architect who designed the streets, the man to bring free electricity to the church and the first to record a pop song in Iceland. You can do a lot in one lifetime.‪ God, I love Iceland.

Adventures in Iceland (in brief because I’m VERY remote right now and WIFI is scarce)…

It started when we flew Fokker. Yes, Fokker. Oh come on, tell me I'm not the only child who finds this funny? It wasn't long before we were in Dalvik at the annual fish day festival, watching these guys doing their thing in the streets. Check out those costumes! The mountains are always there, embracing the town in a giant snowy hug, and even though it's the wrong time of year for the Northern Lights in Iceland, we were lucky to...Read More


A moving, emotional romance based on real-life events. NOW FREE ON AMAZON! The Day Of The Wave follows Isla and Ben in the wake of surviving one of the world's biggest natural disasters - the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.  Separated at sixteen with no idea of each other's survival the two meet by chance a decade later and soon it's clear that the sparks between them never went out. As Isla and Ben finally open up in Thailand, so too...Read More

Best things to see on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. OK, maybe not the best…

I was just eating my sushi on a restaurant patio last night when a man seemingly dressed as a Mario Brother climbed a nearby tree and started throwing small sticks into people's hair from above. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. I can't say the same for the numerous girls we had to watch pulling twigs out of their ponytails though. My friend said he was probably a druggie. I said he was probably just awesome. You never know...Read More

Fun on the Natchez Trace – recreating scenes from a novel in real life!

Yesterday a friend and I drove from Nashville, out past the famous Loveless Cafe (where we stopped to pick up some Peach Preserve) and onto the Natchez Trace, which is basically 444 miles of the most gorgeous greenery you'll ever see! We took Bella the dog, and made our way to Jackson Falls. This was especially awesome for me as I wrote about this place in my book 'Before He Was A Secret.' It's the spot where the characters Conor...Read More

Uber in Nashville is interesting…

Me: 'So, what's the craziest thing that's happened to you since you started driving for Uber?' Him: 'Are you a shy girl?' Me: 'Er, I don't think so.' Him: 'Then maybe I'll tell you about the girls who asked me to take them to a swinger's club. There were four of them. I didn't think one wanted to go so I asked if they were sure. They all said yes except the one who didn't look sure, so I took...Read More

Have I mentioned the Family Dollar Store yet?

Have I mentioned the Family Dollar store yet? It's my new favorite place here in Nashville. Contrary to the name, not everything inside costs a dollar, which is disappointing, but nonetheless it's the kind of bargain-basement neon playground that has you dancing down the aisles in a Julie Andrews kind of joy parade. You feel high the second you walk in... at least, I do. Rows and rows of additive-riddled edible things shine like beacons alongside such necessities as glittery plant pots...Read More

Lavenders, motorcycles and a feeling of deep “uncool” at Nashville’s Barista Parlor…

There are some places in this world that will just serve to make you feel deeply uncool, no matter how young and awesome you previously thought you were. Nashville's Barista Parlor is one of them. Being quite possibly the biggest caffeine addict on the face of the earth I was more than excited to check this place out, especially as I can walk to it from my house. The Barista Parlor is basically a huge warehouse, painted blue with a...Read More