Weird sexy stuff at NEMO

A single girl’s guide to Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum

Check it out - a building that looks just like my love life. A giant, sinking ship. (Sigh). Yes, yes, the dating game's a drag at times, but rather than sit around swiping dejectedly through the cesspool of humanity Tinder, I thought it was high time to 'meet people in the real world!' NEMO seemed like a good enough place to start on a free, sunny day in Amsterdam. It could still become the ship of dreams, right? Perhaps in a...Read More

How to tell when you travel too much (and when you should stop)

Yup. That's how. That's a screenshot my friend just sent me, when I told her to add my new phone number in Amsterdam. "Another one?!" "Yeah, but I'm staying put in Amsterdam for now." *Tumbleweed No one believes me when I say I want to stay in one place, now. Actually, looking at that list makes me a bit antsy again. I'm all like... "BALI!! Why did I leave Bali?!? The food in Vietnam was soooo good. Oh I had such...Read More

Amsterdam, I love you! See you again soon.

I've decided to move to Amsterdam. Maybe not forever but definitely for a little bit, because, well.... this. And this: And this:  OK maybe not the last one... but I fell in love with the city again recently. It was just the way the people were so frickin friendly, and the food was amazing, and the streets and canals were so charming in the sunshine. I could see myself living quite a productive freelance lifestyle over there, cycling from cafe to...Read More

Know your strengths…

I'm sitting in the cafe. It's just me, two loud ladies who sound like they're from Essex, and a blonde with her boyfriend. An Essex lady approaches the blonde. 'Excuse me, have you done any modelling?' Blonde: 'Yes I have actually.' Essex: 'Ah right yeah we thought you 'ad. We run a modelling agency, would you be interested in working with us? We 'av loads of work at the moment love, loadsa campaigns, do you 'av a portfolio you can...Read More

Before He Was A Secret (Starstruck #3) Playlist… I can't write a word without being inspired by every sound in the air around me, and I turned to music more than ever with this book! Set in Nashville, Before He Was A Secret - the third standalone romance in my new adult Starstruck Series) is the story of Stephanie and Conor, both from very different backgrounds, learning how a shared love of music can help them re-write their stories. I was inspired by a mix of everything, from...Read More

Musings on a Nashville snow day…

No one told me flying south for the winter would take me somewhere colder than England. Then again, there's something so peaceful about walking alone down a frozen street - I'm pretty sure Elsa was just here working her ice-skills. While I really miss Bali in these temperatures I'm also very grateful to be able to see the magic in somewhere new. Icicles hang from bus stop signs and dustbins, like abandoned Christmas decorations in a ghost town. I spoke...Read More

Fight your way through! A message to writers like me…

...and other creative souls no doubt! Someone sent me this video today by the amazingly inspiring Ira Glass, which I found very interesting. I can relate - anyone else feel like they're fighting!? Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo. I just looked at the clock to see it's 11.40pm and I've been editing one manuscript for over five hours. I have another complete one waiting to be edited again in its ePub format and another of...Read More

I SURVIVED: The Freak British Tornado (and the suspect still running loose)

A mini-tornado hit north west London this afternoon - causing damage to homes and cars. I think I summoned it. I was thinking very dark thoughts, in Harrow. Seriously. I was writing in my bedroom, in my pyjamas if you must know, and yes, it was mid-afternoon but that's the way I roll. Anyway, I wasn't really paying too much attention to the world outside my window, UNTIL a major slew of hailstones threatened to break the glass. Seriously... I...Read More

Boobies and other star attractions – a quick squint at the Galapagos…

Carrots. It's always the carrots. Even if you haven't eaten any carrots, they always seem to show up first when you're retching over the toilet bowl, wondering when the hell your stomach will settle and leave you free to roll into a self-pitying fetal ball on the floor. This is at least what Farzana told me after a night chucking her guts up out on the deck, and in the metre-wide closet that constitutes the bathroom in our five-star yacht....Read More

A song for Emma and Hook from Once Upon A Time (from the book Before He Was Famous)

It just occurred to me that this shared love for what Once Upon a Time fans call #CaptainSwan can also be summed up in a song I wrote in one of my books! In Before He Was Famous, best friends Chloe and Noah grow up with a Peter Pan connection. Noah writes this song for Chloe. I like to think maybe it could also be about Hook and Emma. By the way, I borrowed this photo from the Instagram user neverlandspirate,...Read More