Boxing Day Tsunami romance excerpt: (The Day of The Wave)

This is an excerpt from my latest new adult romance, coming May 2015. In brief... "Isla and Ben were just sixteen when the Boxing Day tsunami tore through their beach resort in Thailand. Just days after forming a life-changing bond, both were missing and presumed dead. Unbeknown to each other and haunted by one of the biggest natural disasters in world history, Isla and Ben are living very different lives, until over a decade later when a chance encounter throws...Read More

Before He Was A Secret (Starstruck #3) Playlist… I can't write a word without being inspired by every sound in the air around me, and I turned to music more than ever with this book! Set in Nashville, Before He Was A Secret - the third standalone romance in my new adult Starstruck Series) is the story of Stephanie and Conor, both from very different backgrounds, learning how a shared love of music can help them re-write their stories. I was inspired by a mix of everything, from...Read More

Proving my roots: The nonsense that is taking the IELTS test in London…

"PUT YOUR PENCILS DOWN! PENCILS DOWN, NOW!!!" Dumbledore boomed. I almost jumped out of my plastic chair, nerves shot to sh*t. I have a problem with authority. I realized in a heartbeat yesterday why I hate office jobs and didn't like school very much either. As soon as someone tells me what to do, a little voice in my head screams "screw you, no!" and I just don't want to do it. Anyway, the blubbering, sweaty-faced man who looked a...Read More

Vaginal smoking and the benefits of yoni egg insertions (note: there are many)…

I have recently become quite fascinated with vaginal treatments. The fascination began when I saw this tempting advertisement on a board outside a spa in Ubud, Bali: LOTUS TREATMENT Lotus is a special treatment for women famous in Balinese tradition. For cleansing and health, herbs and spices using a 'smoking' method are directed into the woman's area. 1 hour: Rp. 100,000 I started scouting around for similar treatments for the 'area' and found that vaginal smoking is actually a Javanese...Read More

Go to Bali for less than a quid! Balilicious is 99p, starting today.

Becky Wicks lifted the burqa on Dubai In BURQALICIOUS. Now she turns her attention to Bali as she hilariously navigates life as an adopted Balinese local. A lot can happen when you set out to 'find yourself'. Sometimes, you can even lose the plot. From visiting ancient healers with cellphone addictions to leaving a shaking ashram intent on extracting her soul, Becky Wicks soon discovered that six months travelling round Bali wasn't all going to be about finding inner peace...Read More

How do you handle negative reviews for your book on Amazon and Goodreads? And are readers actively LOOKING for bad books?

What didn't make me smile throughout my recent and ultimately successful free book campaign on Amazon KDP (and I'll tell you this, seeing as we're being honest here) was that with all the extra interest in the book, (over 24,000 downloads in 4 days) the one, 1-star review I had lurking somewhere on my book's page rose to the top of the 80-odd good ones overnight, with 27 people finding it helpful. Whaaaat?! No one's ever sure why people choose to like...Read More

Before He Was A Secret Blog tour sign ups are live. I’m looking for bloggers to join in (and get a free copy!)

Once again I'm having a blog tour with the amazing Xpresso Reads for the third in my Starstruck Series, which is coming out in March 2015. The tour for Before He Was A Secret will run March 9th to March 20th, 2015 and I'm looking for BLOGGERS to sign up and join in! Posts will consist of reviews, guest posts, interviews, and excerpts. There will also be a tour giveaway. Review copies will be available in ebook format. SIGN UP HERE! If...Read More

A new, FREE short story to make you go awwww….

There's nothing like a freebie, so I wrote a little quickie (ahem) to melt your hearts. It's set in Alaska and it's only 6000 words, but hopefully you'll like it! Here's the blurb: Ella and Oscar grew up together in the wilds of Alaska and their love is a powerful force that renders others not only green-eyed with envy, but invisible. When strange sounds in Ella's house start freaking them out, a visit to a local psychic is set to...Read More

Birdwatching in Sri Lanka with an iPhone…

It never comes out quite the way I think it's going to. I really do need to start making the most of my Digital SLR. I guess being somewhat of a lazy traveller I just grab what's at hand. And then I get annoyed when it looks shit. I feel the same way when it's a full moon. Every time I try to capture it like the magnificent intergalactic glob of light it is, and every time it comes out...Read More

Boobies and other star attractions – a quick squint at the Galapagos…

Carrots. It's always the carrots. Even if you haven't eaten any carrots, they always seem to show up first when you're retching over the toilet bowl, wondering when the hell your stomach will settle and leave you free to roll into a self-pitying fetal ball on the floor. This is at least what Farzana told me after a night chucking her guts up out on the deck, and in the metre-wide closet that constitutes the bathroom in our five-star yacht....Read More