Truffles Therapy Retreat: my psychedelic weekend with magic truffles

Someone lit a stick of palo santo in the car. I watched the road through a veil of spiritual smoke as my ego murmered in the backseat: What are you doing? You don’t do things like this. You don’t go off to hippy communes, you don’t burn wood sticks or offer hugs of inestimable length to strangers. What would your friends say? [caption id="attachment_6007" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Behold the magic truffles. Photo by Arthur Enselme.[/caption] I was sharing a ride with three women...Read More

The truth about ‘Ecstatic Dancing’ at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali… (warning, this post may smell)

Everyone in Ubud knows the Yoga Barn. It's a sort of second home for eager expats, all of whom are quite happy to spend an extraordinary amount of money for the right to bend and stretch with one of the most beautiful views in Bali. There are numerous classes every day and I'm sure I'll get to those later, but I should probably tell you that the yoga is not the best thing about the Yoga Barn. Not by a...Read More

If OKCupid fails you, you could always try this…

This is Friday. She wanted to be a naturist for... like... ever... and probably no one in her hometown thought that was a good idea. So you know what she did? Let's guess. Did she: A) Say OK, I'll wear clothes and get an office job and forget my dreams of living out my life in a totally awesome, spectacular way. B) Say SCREW YOU, I'm moving to the Philippines where I will buy an island and walk around naked for as long...Read More

One woman’s mission to lose her virginity by age 30: how you can support my friend’s incredible project!

Two years ago in Bali I met a fabulous girl called Jennifer who had one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard. She was writing a book about it, and that book became The Virgin Asanas: How Yoga, Sex, and Mother Mary Changed Everything ... a modern coming-of-age story, of sorts. Yes, really. Sex. God. And Yoga. Mothers. Daughters. And Destiny. Giving up. Growing up. Going mad. The juicyness no one is talking about... yet. As we all know, publishing is a...Read More

What do you mean it’s not a perfume?

I saw this Yoga Mat Mist today and my first thought was, "Why would anyone want to smell like a yoga mat?" Seriously. And then I realized that I know nothing about this strange new world and that actually it's not a perfume meant to ensure you smell spiritual, it is actually something you spray onto your mat to eradicate the stench of sweat. I don't think I need it yet.

Yoga fails, Sound Medicine, Native Wolves and a White Star…

Tonight on my constant journey into enlightenment here in Bali, I attended a Sound Medicine session. I didn’t really want to admit that this was mainly because I have 20 classes to use up on my Yoga Barn card and I’d rather some of them weren’t spent on yoga, but this was the main reason, really. I had a bit of a shit yoga session today, you see. After yesterday and feeling all pleased with myself I got a little...Read More