Cheese, booze and ocean views – day one in Pueblo Evita…

photo 1

When it’s pissing down and freezing cold in England, anywhere else is a better option, but I have to say, we could’ve done worse than this place! I’d never been to Costa del Sol before today; to be honest I always thought a holiday in Spain would be full of chavs in beer t-shirts drinking Fosters and banging on about the football. It’s not like at all! Mind you, it’s low season…

We rocked up at an apartment block in Benalmadena today after an easy-peasy 2.5 hour flight from Gatwick to Malaga, to blue skies and the twinkling of the sea. Then we carried our crap up five flights of stairs, to this view right here…

photo 4

We only really just got here, so the most we’ve seen is the beachfront, just 7 or so minutes up the road, a rather lovely supermarket in which everything seemed to be the price of stuff in Poundland, but of actual quality… and then this charcuterie, which is AMAZING.

photo 3

Those who know me, know how much I love cheese, so to find this gem at the bottom of our beautiful street is like a dream come true. Seriously… it’s a beacon in the somewhat chilly Spanish night. Check out those beautiful bottles of vino all lined up next to their cheese matches, like the Cilla Black of Fromage has been in and paired them up ready for action. It looks like you simply rock up, order the coupling you desire and settle in for a threesome right there between those barrels. Oh boy!!

photo 2

I’ll try to post something every day about this place while I’m here, because whereas I might have been alone in thinking the Costa del Sol would be bogan central, I have been proven WRONG in just one afternoon.

I think I’m gonna like it here.