Christmas Day in Cartagena…

These guys were having a great Christmas morning on the beach down at Bocagrande earlier. Phwooooooooar!!!  Bless their cotton socks (literally).

We headed down on foot from the walled city and after a very long and sweaty walk (and a calorific stop in a bakery next to an industrial fan), set up camp amongst ten million other Colombians. They also had the great idea of spending Christmas on the beach.

We bought some beers from one of nine hundred people who offered, and sat back to enjoy the view… for about twenty minutes. At which point my brain was melting so I got an air-conditioned taxi back to the hostel, where a bunch of us are now slumped pathetically on the sofas wondering who will find the energy to start cooking first.

it’s fucking hot here.

Even this laptop is sweating.

I think I’m going to make some mulled wine. I’ve bought the ingredients, but to be honest I think I’m going to have to chill it first and turn it into some sort of weird spiced up sangria before anyone will drink it. Jeeeeeesus! (Oh, sorry Jesus, happy birthday!)

Feliz Navidad from Colombia! Be grateful for your log fires, if you have them!  Oh, and apparently we have just been invited to a party in some bloke’s cigar shop later…

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day in Cartagena…

  1. A dedicated section in your new book with travel tips for South American countries would be fantastic…..
    eg. Pics and descriptions of power plugs and voltage used in each country. Ecoconimcal/safe ways to get to and from airports to city areas.
    Best places to get a good exchange rate
    Suggested tourist sights and companies who run economical tours
    Etc. etc.
    I’m traveling there in mid June ’13 and have found it difficult to get much in the way of useful tips.

    1. (Ecuador) 7 days cruising the Galapagos Is.
    2. (Peru) Machu Piccu, Aguas Caliente, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado (Amazon Jungle) & Lima.
    3. (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay) Iguassu Falls.
    (Argentina) Buenos Aries.
    (Brazil) Rio de Janeiro.
    Flying retur:, Melbourne via Sydney, Auckland, & Santiago (Chile). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Pls email me….

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lynette, there’s a lot of that and more in Latinalicious! Although, it’s not a guidebook, it’s more of a travel memoir. Still full of tips though! x

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