Christmas in Prague…


I just got back from Prague – another new city for me. I love nothing more than heading off to a new place and just wandering around aimlessly.

Prague is pretty easy to navigate, really. Well, Google Maps helps, and so does having a couple of the attractions booked in advance so you don’t waste time when you’re there, but mainly it’s a place you can walk about with no agenda and still uncover what you’ll think are hidden delights. Absinthe bars, honey wine, sausages, meat, sausages and meat, meat with dumplings, dumplings with meat…

We used a site called to help us skip-the-line to a few places. Here are some photos of our adventures… Oh… but before you look at them, czech out this cute little video we made of Christmas in Prague – one of the most Christmassy cities on the planet I’m sure. Apart from Narnia. Which is still on my to-do list, obviously.

CHRISTMAS! It was Christmas everywhere! Especially in the castle grounds. That was like some crazy fairytale.


See? Need more Christmas? Here you go…



OK, enough Christmas.


David Černý is famous for his provocative art and sculptures in and around the city, and his Babies guard the entrance to Museum Kamp in Kampa Park. We had fun crawling on them like… well, like babies.


Here’s David Černý again, this time with Piss (two male figures urinating in a puddle, spelling out quotations from Czech literature). Their groins move from side to side as they pee. Interesting work, David.


I took this from a restaurant near the Strahov Monastery. It was quite early on a frosty morning, which gives the view that extra golden, wintry feeling. Honestly it’s so pretty up there. Definitely worth the trek. There’s a brewery too – although I was too hungover to try any beers (I did the Prague pub crawl the night before – oops).


I can’t recall where this was taken, only that we were trying to find the steps to the Strahov Monastery – a Premonstratensian abbey founded in 1143. That’s one ancient monastery. It’s well worth walking there from the Charles Bridge, and getting lost on the way. That’s when you find the cool stuff.


The afore-mentioned honey wine – as drunk by my friend here. This stuff was being sold everywhere and I think it’s nicer than the hot wine. The hot wine is good, don’t get me wrong, I got quite tipsy from one cup of it while we were in line for the castle, but the honey wine is the BEST. I had almond flavour – he had cherry. (Mine was nicer). Look for the lady who sells them under Charles Bridge – she’s the only one we found selling the different flavours.


We skipped the line to the Astronomical Clock Tower, which is a pretty impressive medieval building in Old Town Square that draws massive crowds on the hour, every hour. They all clog up the pathways while they’re waiting for it to chime, which involves the ringing of a small bell by a skeleton, and the 12 apostles moving in a window, or something equally weird. Anyway, you can climb to the top for some great photo opps of the castle, like this one.


Oh, the food in Prague! To be honest most it looks like this – like a plate of brown mushed up meat resting on a flurry of white stodge, which is usually either dumplings or potatoes. Sausages are big in Prague, too. My sausages on the first night were a tad disturbing. I don’t like when my pig’s not cooked… or looks like it’s not cooked.


All this filling food was nice (mostly) because who doesn’t love comfort food when it’s cold outside ? Not sure how I’d feel about it in summer though. Most places didn’t seem to know what a salad was, although I can recommend U Parlamentu, which did serve me an excellent caesar salad on our last day, while my friend tucked into his 38th plate of meat cuttings.


This was the view from halfway up The Petřín Lookout Tower – a 63.5-metre-tall steel-framework that looks a bit like a baby version of the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky to get such clear views from up there – it really put things into perspective too. We could see both old and new Prague; from it’s ancient castle in the centre, to the modern high-rise apartment buildings in the distance. There’s a really cool hall of mirrors close by, too. It’s for children, so naturally we paid to go in.




We saw these shaggy, furry seat covers everywhere, on all the chairs outside in the cold. It was like sitting in a series of sleighs, except without the husky dogs to pull me along. Made me think I’ll be getting some of these for my own back garden furniture. When I get a house with a garden.


Also nice to stumble upon was the John Lennon Wall, complete with a busker singing his little heart out. There’s a John Lennon pub close by but it looked a bit shit. He probably would have preferred some raw sausages and beer.

Have you been to Prague? What did I miss? I want to know, because I’m definitely going back! x