Class of Satan’s Spawn…

It’s just a shame I can’t Google myself in Bahasa Indonesian, because I have no doubt whatsoever that there are now in existence at least 99 panoramic photos of my arse, out there somewhere, in the infinite web of the cyber-sphere.

Oh, they might look sweet and innocent… look at them all smiling up there, like butter wouldn’t melt. HOW CAN YOU BE SO MEAN BECKY!?!?!

Well, I have written more for the BIP (Book In Progress)… obviously… but for now, let me tell you. They are scary. They all have mobile phones. All of them. And as I struggled under their combined gaze to teach them English yesterday, they snapped like a teenage paparazzi till every inch of my person was a multi-pixelled art piece large enough to cover a wall. I’m f*****g serious.

I have to do it all again next week. I’m wearing a mask, and a suit of armour. I’m taking pepper spray and a sword.

Volunteering is something I’m determined to get used to, however. (BREATHE!!) And I have a sneaky feeling I might grow to like this lot. Eventually. When I can stop being scared of them.